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How Does it Impact my Los Angeles DUI Case if I have Minors in my Vehicle?

You may potentially be facing a DUI criminal conviction if you are stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The police officer notes irregular patterns that are a clear indicator of a driver who is driving under alcohol intoxication. This makes them pull you over for an interrogation session. The police officer may see you changing lanes recklessly or going through past the red light sign. Sometimes they can watch you move drive at night without turning on your lights. All these are possible ways to face conviction for a DUI offense.

There are also certain critical elements that the prosecutor in charge of your case must carefully evaluate to make you a potential convict for a DUI crime in Los Angeles. If they do not meet these criteria, their case can be dismissed yielded unfavorable results. Before you are convicted, the prosecutor must prove various things before a criminal court of justice in Los Angeles. They must also prove that the driver was driving while under the influence of alcohol. When the driver was driving while intoxicated, the police pulled him over. Before the judge decides to make the conviction, both elements must be met.

There are also additional elements that the prosecutor needs to prove before the court of law to incriminate the driver. All aspects of the evidence that the driver was driving while under the influence of alcohol must be met to ensure they were driving while under the influence include the sobriety tests, the police officer’s report and observations, and the breathalyzer or blood test taken from the driver. Possible convictions arise from the breathalyzer or blood tests that prove positive for the presence of alcohol in the driver’s system while he was driving.

If one of the elements is found to be present in your blood sample, it means that you are open to being convicted of more than one DUI charge. If the police officer found that you were overspending, it will lead to other criminal charges in a court of law. Moreover, the driver can also be incriminated. More charges could be pressed against you if you had high alcohol content in your blood sample. If the police officer stops you for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in your blood sample, and there are minors in the car, it gives room for more serious penalties in a court of law.

If it is your first time to enter such litigation in your life, you may find a strict judge who will impose serious restrictions so that you don’t repeat the mistake. However, the legal penalties are not so hard. If you commit the crime for the second subsequent time, the penalties will also increase subsequently. This could also mean that you may be in for additional penalties on top of the DUI crime in Los Angeles.

You would be taken in for a 48-hour jail term if you were driving with minors at the time the police pulled you over. It is also an additional offense to drive under the influence of alcohol while having kids travel with you in the same car. You are likely to face a 10-days jail term if it is your second subsequent offense with the DUI criminal case. This means that you will not be allowed to bail yourself while the sentence is mandatory. A 30-day jail term is mandatory for those who have been found committing this criminal offense for the third time. If it is your fourth commitment to the crime, you will face a 90-day jail term that is mandatory.

Let us look at an example that can explain what we are talking at best. This sentence works uniquely. Therefore you must understand lest you find yourself in problems. David drank two beers at a barbeque before deciding to drive his kids home after work. When he was pulled over, the breathalyzer stated that he had more than 0.12 percent alcohol in his system. He is convicted. Because he had children in his car, he will face being sentenced for two additional days.

If you or your loved ones are facing a DUI criminal case in a Los Angeles court of law, ensure you talk to an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney for perfect representation.

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