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11000's of cases handled nationwide

Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys have handled 1000's of criminal defense cases nationwide. We understand how to help you get the justice you deserve, regardless of how difficult your case might be.

2Over 50 years of experience

We have over 50 years of combined experience handling some of the toughest criminal defense cases nationwide. Regardless of what your situation is, we can help prove your innocence and get you results.

3Risk free consultation

We fervently believe each and every client is eligible for a risk free consultation. You should know what your criminal lawyer can do for you - before you hire him, or her, and understand which one to hire.

4We handle most cases

Regardless of the type of criminal defense case, we can help. Our Los Angeles criminal lawyers can help you, and understand how tough state and federal cases can be. Bottom line, we are here for you.

5Our attorneys win cases

The Spodek Law Group is a top rated criminal defense law firm that is passionate about getting our clients the best outcome possible. Our focus is on helping you and your family get an excellent result.

6We're a top rated law firm

The Spodek Law Group has been seen on TV, and is one of the top rated criminal defense law firms in the nation. With 100's of 5 star Google reviews, and numerous accolades, we're the firm to pick.

Top Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers

Over 50 Years Of Experience On Your Team. 24/7 Legal Help.

If you’re accused of committing a crime in Los Angeles – our criminal defense attorneys can help. We have experience handling some of the toughest cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors, to complex state felonies, and federal crimes. Our goal is to help you get the best possible outcome. When you’re accused of a crime, it’s not just you who is impacted – your family is impacted too. When this happens – you absolutely need the best possible criminal attorney to help you.

Don’t trust an amateur law firm

The Spodek Law Group is based on the philosophy that every single client deserves the best possible legal representation. We are your voice. We provide legal help – to each, and every single, client. We are here to help – with our initial free consultation. We have experience handling some of the toughest cases nationwide, ranging from state crimes to tough federal offenses. Our goal is to selectively take on cases where we’re confident we can make an impact on the outcome based on our vast experience.

The Right Criminal Lawyer Matters

  • Your Family

    If you have family that depend on you, having the right criminal attorney is crucial to protecting their future and yours. We guide you on the best outcome for you and your loved ones.

  • Your Future

    Your future matters. The Spodek Law Group is one of the most experienced criminal defense law firms in the USA.

  • Your Freedom

    If you’re accused of a crime, your future is at risk. The Spodek Law Group can help ensure you get the best outcome and protect your livelihood and freedom.

Our Philosophy And Who We Are

As a premier Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, Todd Spodek has handled some of the toughest cases in the country. Drawing on his experiences, and relationships with prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement individuals, Todd Spodek has the experience to effectively handle your criminal defense cases. He knows how the criminal justice works and operates, and how prosecutors assemble their cases. Todd Spodek defends clients accused of criminal charges all across California. Todd Spodek’s goal is to create the most effective defense possible, and in addition – focus on reducing the effectiveness of the prosecutions case. He leaves nothing to chance, and works to defend his clients irrespective of the severity of the charge.

The Los Angeles criminal justice system takes all allegations of crime seriously. When looking for a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, you need a criminal attorney you can trust – which means you need someone who believes in your case, and wants to fight for your freedom. Our criminal defense team is knowledgable, and has the skills relevant to handling your case.

We believe every single person who has been charged, investigated, or arrested, deserves a private Los Angeles criminal attorney on their side who can tell their story – without paying excessive fees. Not all Los Angeles criminal defense law firms offer a risk free consultation – but the Spodek Law Group does. We know how difficult it is to entrust your future, and freedom, to someone you don’t know. The Spodek Law Group is here to protect your rights, and give you the best advice possible on outcomes for your exact charges.

One of the reasons our law firm is a top rated law firm is because we pride communication. When you decide on a law firm the most communicative law firm is critical. Our clients have access to our support staff who can answer any questions you have, communicate additional info, and provide additional support you require. Even if our attorneys are in court, our staff is always here to help you and support you.

Not everyone needs to hire an attorney for their criminal defense case. However, you need to be educated to the consequences of the crime you’re accused of committing, before you decide not to hire an attorney. People often think they’ll just use a public defender because it’s a small case and nothing will happen to them. The reality is that no case is small, when you’re concerned about your criminal record. Any type of criminal conviction on your criminal record is going to have a major consequence. Public defenders do a good job for their clients, but that doesn’t mean they are right for you. The majority, if not all, of public defenders are overworked. They don’t have the time to devote to individual clients that a private attorney would.

Todd Spodek - Nationally Recognized Criminal Lawyer

Todd Spodek - Founding Partner, Award Winning Lawyer

Todd Spodek is one of the top rated national criminal defense lawyers. The cases the Spodek Law Group handle are recognized by the media, and have garnered national attention. If you’re in need of urgent attention – Todd Spodek, and his team of attorneys is here to help you. Each Spodek Law Group client gets things such as: personalized legal help, access to our support staff, and more.

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Our Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Can Help

Being convicted of a crime in Los Angeles can lead to huge life consequences. You can lose your right to vote, your ability to make a living will be impacted, and even your freedom. In California, the stakes for criminal cases can be substantial and difficult. Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers handle all types of crimes throughout California. Our team of lawyers will identify the facts of your case, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and mount the most aggressive criminal defense possible.

California Criminal Law

Under California law, there are three groups of offenses.

-Offenses: These are offenses which aren’t punished by imprisonment. Traffic violations are an example. These are resolved by paying a fine.
-Misdemeanors: These are offenses punishable by up to one year of imprisonment in a county jail, and a fine. Petty theft is an example.
-Felonies: This is reserved for the most serious crimes. The punishment for these crimes can lead to life imprisonment, or even death. Many felonies result in probation. Crimes that are considered felony include: drug offenses, domestic violence, dui, manslaughter, murder, and more.

At the Spodek Law Group, we handle many different criminal defense practice areas. Being charged with a crime is a serious issue; any conviction can have a lifetime of ramifications. While anyone who can’t afford it can get a public defender, it’s suggested that you hire a private criminal defense attorney if you can afford it. Opting for a private attorney gives you a lawyer whose exclusively focusing on your case. It’s important you vet all prospective criminal defense lawyers carefully:

-How much experience does the criminal lawyer have?
-What type of cases does he/she handle?
-Has the attorney handled cases similar to yours?

It’s important to understand a minor theft offense attorney shouldn’t be the one handling your federal case. Convictions can make it impossible to get a job, and even difficult to secure an apartment or home. Landlords will learn of a conviction through a background check. That’s why it’s important you hire a top rated Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to get you the best possible results. It’s possible you have defenses possible, or there are mitigating factors which can persuade the prosecutor to consider a reduction in the crimes alleged, a diversion program, or other options to spare you from the consequences of a serious conviction.


If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to have effective legal representation immediately. Not only during the trial, but also during the pretrial phase – it’s important to have a top rated criminal lawyer in Los Angeles representing you. Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers give your case our full time, and attention. Our goal is to make sure the facts of the case go in your favor. If there are undiscovered facts, our team of attorneys discover them – in order to provide you with the best possible criminal defense. Even the smallest misdemeanor charge can have a huge impact on your life. What might seem like a minor DUI can result in your driver’s license taken away for months, making it impossible to go to work. If you’re a licensed professional, any conviction can put your license at risk. The stakes are VERY high, and you shouldn’t be forced to settle on an inexperienced criminal attorney because of finances. Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys have decades of combined experience, with superior white glove service. With the Spodek Law Group – you get experience, affordability, and white glove service – all at the same time.

Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys truly care about your case

At the Spodek Law Group, we believe that in order to be a great attorney, you have to care about your client’s case. Many regional law firms “churn” through cases, or pass them off to associates and paralegals. In contrast, at the Spodek Law Group, our attorneys work with you personally to fight for you and get you the results you need and deserve. If you’re looking for a private criminal defense lawyer – you need, and want, someone you can trust – and someone who believes in your case, and wants to fight for your freedom. You Los Angeles criminal lawyer should have knowledge, and skills, relevant to your case. It’s imperative that your criminal defense lawyer has seen the inside of a courtroom, and specifically has experience handling the type of cases you’re interested in pursuing. At the Spodek Law Group our dedicated criminal attorneys will leverage our relationships, experience, and top rated attorneys, to build the most solid criminal defense.

The process begins with a risk free consultation. Reach out to us today. We believe everyone who has been investigated, arrested, or charged with a crime – get a free consultation from our criminal defense attorneys. We know how difficult it is to trust someone you have never met with your future. That’s why our Los Angeles criminal attorneys offer a free consultation where you can ask us anything you’d like. Communication is key when choosing a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. We are available for our clients 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the prosecutor decide whether to file charges?

The first thing the prosecutor looks for is whether the case is legally sound, and how hard it is to prove the case. Sometimes, cases have legal issues which can get the case thrown out of court. For example, if the police violated your rights while seeking evidence, then the evidence can be admissible. If the prosecutor decides theres enough evidence to make a conviction, then he/she will decide to file charges. If the evidence isn’t very convincing, it will not be worth the time to file and pursue a trial.

The prosecutor will also consider other factors when deciding whether to press charges. For example, the prosecutor’s office has limited resources, and has to decide which crime to focus on. If the prosecutor decides to file charges, he/she will call a grand jury. This is a group of people called by the prosecutor to listen to information about the crime. They will listen to things such as testimony, examining documents, and considering all other evidence. The prosecutor act’s as the legal advisor to the jury, and presents evidence. No judge is present. Unlike a trial jury, a grand jury is only considering info from the prosecutor’s point of view. If you’re being investigated by a grand jury it’s critical you have a Los Angeles criminal lawyer on your side to help.

If I intend to plead guilty, do I need a criminal lawyer?

Even if you know you’re guilty, there are still options. For example you may able to make a deal with the prosecutor to plead guilty to a much lesser charge, in exchange for a lighter sentence. When you try to negotiate for yourself, it can be difficult to do so without knowledge of the law, and experience.

What’s the difference between being arrested and being charged with a crime?

Law enforcement agencies may arrest you if they have probably cause you committed a crime. They can hold you anywhere for a few hours, to a few days. Probable cause has no exact definition. Law enforcement agencies are not allowed to charge you with a crime. To be charged with a crime, is a legal proceeding brought by a government agency, like the DA’s office. Prosecuting agencies are usually the office of lawyers, the support staff, working for the government, who file a complaint against you in court.

For more serious crimes, you can be held without bail. For the least serious crimes, you could be released on your own recognizance, which means you’re agreeing to come to court on a specific date. For other crimes, bail may be required for your release. If, after the investigation is done, the detective believes theres sufficient evidence to prosecute you – he/she brings the case to a prosecutor. The prosecutor will then decide whether to file charges, and what charges to file based on the report. If you’re in custody, and no charges are filed against you within a few days, you have to be released.

Prosecutors typically have up to a year or more, to file charges. Prosecutors can also start a prosecution on their own, simply by filing the complaint based on their evidence, without an arrest from law enforcement individuals. In this situation, they’ll mail you a letter which will tell you to appear in court by a specific date.

What can I do about a warrant because I didn’t go to court when I should have?

Bench warrants are issued by judges that someone be brought to court, because he/she did not appear in court on a day that the person’s case was supposed to be heard. It may be issued if a sentence was not completed, like fines not paid, community service not done, or court ordered classes not done. This type of warrant can exist in the system for months or years until law enforcement come in contact with the person for whatever reason.

Bench warrants can be recalled, or quashed. If the underlying crime was a felony, then the defendant can appear in court for the warrant to be quashed. Misdemeanor warrants can be dealt by an attorney who is representing the defendant, without the defendant’s presence in court. Depending on the nature of the charges, a criminal attorney can appear in the defendant’s place, and have the warrant recalled.

By hiring an attorney, it’s possible to get the warrant removed from the system, and the defendant will not have to worry about being arrested before their next appearance date.

What’s the difference between being arrested, and being charged, with a crime?

The police can arrest you, if they have probable cause, and believed you committed a crime. They can hold you, for anywhere from a few hours to few days. Probably cause doesn’t have a precise definition.

What can I do about a warrant because I didn’t go to court?

The bench warrant is an order, by a judge, that someone by brought to court because he, or she, didn’t appear in court on a day that the person’s case was supposed to be heard. It can also be issued if a sentence was not completed, like a fine not paid, community service not done, or court ordered classes not finished.

This type of warrant can be on your file for weeks, or months, or years, until law enforcement come into contact with the person. Bench warrants can be recalled, and held, or quashed. If the underlying crime is a felony, then the defendant has to appear in court for the warrant to be squashed. Misdemeanor warrants can sometimes be dealt with an attorney representing the defendant, without the persons presence in court.

Bench warrant, also called a body attachment, is a common type of warrant issued in California. The warrants are issued by a judge, but not for suspected activity. Judges will issue bench warrants because someone failed to appear in court for an arraignment, fine, or obey a court order. After a bench warrant is issued, law enforcement agents can arrested the person in the warrant and bring them to court.

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