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11000's of cases handled nationwide

Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys have handled 1000's of criminal defense cases nationwide. We understand how to help you get the justice you deserve, regardless of how difficult your case might be.

2Over 50 years of experience

We have over 50 years of combined experience handling some of the toughest criminal defense cases nationwide. Regardless of what your situation is, we can help prove your innocence and get you results.

3Risk free consultation

We fervently believe each and every client is eligible for a risk free consultation. You should know what your criminal lawyer can do for you - before you hire him, or her, and understand which one to hire.

4We handle most cases

Regardless of the type of criminal defense case, we can help. Our Los Angeles criminal lawyers can help you, and understand how tough state and federal cases can be. Bottom line, we are here for you.

5Our attorneys win cases

The Spodek Law Group is a top rated criminal defense law firm that is passionate about getting our clients the best outcome possible. Our focus is on helping you and your family get an excellent result.

6We're a top rated law firm

The Spodek Law Group has been seen on TV, and is one of the top rated criminal defense law firms in the nation. With 100's of 5 star Google reviews, and numerous accolades, we're the firm to pick.

Top Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers

Over 50 Years Of Experience On Your Team. 24/7 Legal Help.

If you’re accused of committing a crime in Los Angeles – our criminal defense attorneys can help. We have experience handling some of the toughest cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors, to complex state felonies, and federal crimes. Our goal is to help you get the best possible outcome. When you’re accused of a crime, it’s not just you who is impacted – your family is impacted too. When this happens – you absolutely need the best possible criminal attorney to help you.

Don’t trust an amateur law firm

The Spodek Law Group is based on the philosophy that every single client deserves the best possible legal representation. We are your voice. We provide legal help – to each, and every single, client. We are here to help – with our initial free consultation. We have experience handling some of the toughest cases nationwide, ranging from state crimes to tough federal offenses. Our goal is to selectively take on cases where we’re confident we can make an impact on the outcome based on our vast experience.

The Right Criminal Lawyer Matters

  • Your Family

    If you have family that depend on you, having the right criminal attorney is crucial to protecting their future and yours. We guide you on the best outcome for you and your loved ones.

  • Your Future

    Your future matters. The Spodek Law Group is one of the most experienced criminal defense law firms in the USA.

  • Your Freedom

    If you’re accused of a crime, your future is at risk. The Spodek Law Group can help ensure you get the best outcome and protect your livelihood and freedom.

Our Philosophy And Who We Are

The Spodek Law Group is a reputable and top rated NYC divorce law firm. If you’re in need of a divorce and family law attorney, we can help. There is no need to keep looking – our NYC divorce attorneys are here to help you. The #1 reason why our firm is able to get better results than other law firms is the fact we treat you like family. Most law firms practice law – like a conveyer belt. There’s no added value, no additional service – no reason to continue working with the firm. Our practice, at Spodek Law Group – is about taking on fewer clients – but giving each client the white glove service and results they want, expect, and need, to make sure they – and their family, are well taken care of.

Ending your marriage can be one of the most difficult things ever. It takes an emotional, and financial, toll on your health. If your spouse serves you with a divorce petition, you want to speak to an NYC divorce lawyer who can help you. The attorney you hire can help you determine the best possible options for handling the situation and reaching a favorable outcome. At the Spodek Law Group, we understand how difficult a divorce can be. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible representation. When you work with us, we approach the situation by understanding your objectives, and creating a strategy to help you achieve that. As your NYC divorce attorney, the Spodek Law Group has over 40 years of combined experience providing individualized legal representation for each and every client we represent.

Divorce is not an easy experience. Many divorces escalate beyond the point of negotiation – and require litigation. If this happens, you want to make sure the NYC divorce lawyer you’ve hired can litigate your divorce in family court. It’s probable that your spouse will hire their own legal attorneys as well. As a result, you should do the same. The divorce process will begin when one, or both spouses, send a divorce petition to the family courts. The petition will be served by a process server to the other spouse, which provides them with an opportunity to respond. If the other spouse refuses to respond, or is unable to be served, it can change the process. In some instances, an NYC family court judge will grant a judgement in favor of the petitioner, and grant the divorce even if the other spouse is unresponsive.

Todd Spodek - Nationally Recognized Divorce Lawyer

Todd Spodek - Founding Partner, Award Winning Lawyer

Todd Spodek is a top rated NYC divorce lawyer. The Spodek Law Group has experience handling some of the most contentious divorce and family law claims. If you are looking for a white glove approach to the law, the Spodek Law Group is here to assist you.

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Our Divorce Lawyers in NYC Can Help You

Regardless of the situation, mediation is always a possibility when it comes to divorce. You don’t need to end your marriage with a court battle if you and your spouse are willing to negotiate. Mediation is one of the best alternative dispute resolutions for divorces in NYC. The process of mediation requires a 3rd party mediator, typically a family law attorney, who doesn’t have a conflict of interest. This mediation will act as someone who oversees the negotiations. Their job is to keep the conversation on the end-goal, and answer legal questions. The spouses can bring their legal representatives to some, or all, of the sessions. Having an experienced NYC divorce lawyer can be extremely helpful in the divorce process.

The Spodek Law Group can handle a number of different issues for clients such as: annulments, asset division, collaborative divorce, contested divorces, high net worth divorces, legal separation, mediation, same-sex divorces, and more. Bottom line, regardless of your legal issue we are here to help you. Each side in a divorce is represented by an NYC divorce lawyer who provides legal advice and helps the client pursue a just outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Gets What In A New York Divorce?

Under NY law, courts divide martial property, and the spouses get to keep separate property. Before you file for divorce, you should consult with an NC divorce attorney who can help you – and advise you on the consequences of your divorce. Marital property includes all types of property acquired by either spouse during the marriage – regardless of who bought it. Examples of marital property include things like:

  • each spouse’s income during the marriage
  • the property bought with either spouse’s income
  • the property the couple purchased while married
  • retirement benefits each spouse earned during the marriage
  • appreciation of marital property during the marriage

In most situations divorcing couples are able to reach an agreement on property division that meets everyones needs. The courts typically encourage couples to work together collaboratively in order to decide how to split their assets and debts.

What is separate property?

Courts don’t divide separate property when a couple decides to get a divorce. Each spouse gets to keep their own separate property, except to the extent that the spouse contributed to the property’s increase in value after the marriage began. Separate property includes things like:

  • Property either spouse procured before the marriage
  • Property either spouse received individually as a gift, or inheritance, except from the other spouse
  • Compensation for personal injuries
  • Any property characterized as separate property in a valid prenup
  • Property acquired from the proceeds/appreciations of separate property, unless the appreciation is partially due to the contributions of their spouse

Is the business subject to equitable distribution?

Businesses are property the court will divide using equitable distribution in divorces. Interests in a business or career can be hard to divide. In this situation, the court will usually award the actual business or practice to the spouse who is running it, and award the other spouse property/assets to make up for the difference.

Child Custody in New York

How Will a Judge Divide Property in New York?

How long do I have to live in New York to obtain a divorce?

Do I really need to hire a New York divorce attorney?

What is a New York divorce going to cost me? Can I afford it?

What are the grounds for divorce in New York?

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