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Will a Red Light Camera Ticket Affect My Driving Record?

When you came home from work the other day, you were excited to check out your new magazines. However, instead of seeing that glossy cover with all of the intriguing pictures, you were greeted by a red light camera ticket. Now, you are wondering if this ticket is going to have an effect on your driving record.

Points on Your License
If you are asking whether or not the red light camera ticket will affect your driving record, you probably want to know if you are going to get points on your license. Generally, no, you are not going to receive points on your license in the event that you have a red light ticket come to your house. You should remember though that if you are caught running a red light by a police officer, then you are likely to receive points on your license. After you have a certain number of points on your license, it can be suspended.

The State You Received the Ticket in
Whether or not the red light camera ticket is going to affect your driving record depends upon the state where you received the ticket. All states have their own regulations when it comes to these types of tickets, and you should be aware of what the law is where you live. However, you should also know what the law is when you travel. Let’s say that you received the ticket in Florida, but you actually live in New York. You will need to abide by the rules of the state where the violation occurred.

How Long You Take to Pay the Ticket
When the ticket arrives in the mail, you are going to have a certain date listed on which you must pay it by. Failure to pay the ticket by this date could result in a late fee. You can also choose to plead not guilty and see what decision is reached by the court. Keep in mind, if you choose to pay the ticket late, not only might you have to pay more money, but your driving record could also be affected by this problem.

Speak to the DMV and the Court
If you receive a red light camera ticket, you might have some questions or some specific concerns that pertain to your situation. Call the court that is associated with the area where you received the ticket. This might involve a little bit of research online, but some contact information should be provided on the ticket itself. On top of that, you can also call the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out about resources in the community, or on the internet, that relate to the laws of the area where you received the ticket.

Seeing that ticket sitting out on your dining room table each day may not make you feel too great. However, you can take some solace in the fact that a red light ticket is highly unlikely to have any effect on your driving record.

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