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Why you should hire a DUI attorney

With the ever-changing landscape of the legal system in relation to the driving under the influence laws across the country, it is absolutely in your best interest to retain a DUI lawyer.

An experienced Bucks county DUI attorney will be able to tell you if there is a time limit you need to comply with in order to procure a provisional drivers license. You are likely to have numerous questions about what to expect. An experienced DUI attorney can help you prepare for your court dates. They can guide you through any legal challenges or a trial if you choose to challenge your charges. They can help you with what to expect from each step. They can help with communicating with the various organizations, such as the courts, the DMV, the mandatory drug counseling, and the courts again should you end up with a second charge before your first charge is resolved. If, during the course of your punishment phase you have more questions than answers, you want there to be someone you can turn to. Someone you can trust.

If you live in a state that seizes your vehicle as punishment or locks it down and that vehicle is your family’s sole source of transportation, an experienced DUI attorney is the individual you will need to help you plow through the red tape. If you find yourself in the position of failing a drug screen or needing to miss a probation appointment due to a family emergency, it is always best to have an experienced professional help you deliver that message.

On the other side of the coin, if there comes a time when the court may make new demands in response to new information, they will communicate through your legal representation. If you run into any trouble meeting your requirements, it is always best to have that lawyer by your side.

In case you are unable to fulfill your mandated court requirements by the due date set by the court itself, you will need your lawyer to both help explain and help negotiate a new date.

Defending yourself against a DUI charge is becoming more and more expensive as the authorities tighten the laws. A repeat charge can make everything worse. While retaining that DUI attorney will add to these expenses, it can also help you make sure that you are not overcharged with fines and penalties. If you are fortunate enough to obtain a provisional license that is dependent on the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) or even if your state requires such a device upon reinstatement of your driving privileges, your DUI attorney will be able to ensure you acquire the technology from the right source and that any paperwork related to it also is submitted to the courts and the motor vehicle department in a timely manner.

A DUI charge can be an expensive endeavor. While retention of a DUI lawyer will increase your expenses, their advice and guidance can save you much more in the long run. If faced with a DUI charge, there should be no question or second thought. A DUI attorney is the only way to navigate your way through the experience.

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