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Why it is Important to Retain an Attorney Immediately after being Charged

Why it is Important to Retain an Attorney Immediately after being Charged

A hit and run refers to any type of car accident that involves at least two vehicles or two people. This type of charge comes about when the person responsible for causing the accident feels the scene. Even if you simply leave to find the closest police station or because you think it was a minor accident that doesn’t require law enforcement intervention, you still face a hit and run charge. The sooner that you get legal representation, the sooner you can start working on your case. Though some people think they have plenty of time, finding an attorney sooner can help you settle the case and avoid court completely.

What Happens Immediately After the Accident?

Immediately after the accident, one of the other people involved in that accident can contact the police department. The station will send officers to the scene and give them the legal right to investigate the claim. Officers will talk with any witnesses, examine footage of the accident and talk to everyone involved. Those officers will then create a report that goes to the prosecution. The prosecution can use that report to determine if you are responsible of a hit and run and if the court should bring a charge against you. There is a chance that officers may come to your home and arrest you for the hit and run.

Hit and Run Penalties

If you have auto insurance, your insurer should cover most or all of the costs associated with repairing vehicles and other property damaged in the accident and covering the medical bills of others who were in the accident. After fleeing the scene of an accident though, the court can find you guilty of both reckless driving and a hit and run as well as other offenses. Those offenses can land you in jail for a significant amount of time.

Can You Get the Charged Dismissed?

At H&M Law, we want you to know that you can get your charges dismissed. The changes of the court dismissing those charges is higher when you accept that you are responsible for the accident and take steps to help those involved. Good attorneys will contact those involved in the accident and ask about the details of the case, including any damages that occurred and any medical bills those individuals face. Attorneys can then help you create a civil compromise that covers the financial costs associated with the hit and run. If both sides agree to the compromise, the prosecution will receive a copy of the paperwork. In most cases, the prosecution will decide not to go forward with the case or convict drivers of charges because the responsible driver covered all damages.

When to Request a Civil Compromise?

It’s best to request a civil compromise as soon as possible. The moment that you leave the scene of an accident, you are guilty of a hit and run. It doesn’t matter if you hit your neighbor’s car, backed into a friend’s mailbox or didn’t hit the brakes in time and smashed into a car at a stoplight. As soon as you leave, the person with the damaged property can contact the police. That driver may even have your license plate number, which makes it easier for the police to find you. Los Angeles police officers can come to your home or place of business and arrest you.

When you hire a lawyer, the lawyer can immediately take steps to file a civil compromise for you. You will need to have enough cash in your bank account or enough money on a credit card to cover the repairs that an individual needs. A civil comparison generally works best in cases that involve property damage only. If another drive or passenger suffered injuries, you may still face a hit and run charge.

Though you might want to take your time and decide what to do after fleeing the scene of an accident, you should take steps to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The right attorney can step up before the cops arrive on your doorstep and help you avoid having an arrest on your record. A hit and run can keep you from getting a great job and cause your insurance to go up. As soon as possible after a hit and run, contact H&M Law to find out about civil compromises and similar options.

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