why do you need an employment lawyer after being discriminated at the job?

Posted By Aaron Denton, Uncategorized On July 29, 2019

Do you feel that you are being discriminated against at your job? There are a number of ways to tell if this is really the case. Do you find yourself being regularly berated, insulted, or singled out for punishment by your supervisor or employer? Is this especially hard to take when others may commit the same infractions but receive no disciplinary action?

If you are a pregnant woman and received harassment over your condition or were fired from your job even though your employer knew about your circumstances, this may be a clear cut example of job discrimination. If your supervisor or employer made rude or unkind remarks regarding your gender, ethnicity, religion, or some other similar topic, you may have a case to present in a court of law.

What Can You Do to Prove You Were the Victim of Discrimination?

There are a number of steps that you can take to prove that you were the victim of workplace discrimination. For example, it’s a good idea to make a note of every time you receive an unwanted advance or a sexual or racial remark that seems unwarranted. You should also make a note of every time that you were summoned to the office to be reprimanded or officially disciplined.

If you have eyewitnesses that can back up your testimony, you may have an even stronger chance of proving that you were unfairly discriminated against. If you were ultimately fired from your job for reasons that you believe were related to a dislike of your race, gender, or sexual preference, you can file a case in court with an employee discrimination lawyer.

What Can an Employee Discrimination Lawyer Do to Help You?

There are a number of things than an employment lawyer can do to help you file and win your case. The first they will do is meet with you for an initial consultation. During this first meeting, they will go over the facts of the case with you. They will then give you an honest assessment of your chances of winning your case.

If, after laying out the facts and all of the possible pros and cons, you decide to go to court, your employment lawyer will stand by you. They will bring all of the relevant documents and other evidence that will help prove that you were indeed unfairly discriminated against. They will also help you to present your case in a manner that is clear cut, straightforward, and hard to argue against.

If You’re Ready to Win Your Case, Call an Employment Lawyer

Employment discrimination can sometimes be a tricky thing to prove. Your employer will naturally be anxious to downplay the existence of such a troubling issue. They will do their best to try to get the court to believe that you were disciplined or fired for a thousand other reasons rather than the real one. It will be up to you to shift the burden of proof in the other direction so that you can win your case.

This is why you will require the assistance of an experienced and well qualified employment lawyer. You will need your own lawyer that can help you withstand the hostile cross examination of the lawyer that will represent your employer. The opposing lawyer will do everything in their power to try to get you to contradict your own testimony so that they can discredit you.

If you really feel that you were discriminated against, call an NYC employment lawyer today. This is the strong ally that can help you get the justice that you need for closure.