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When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Understanding negligence can help you determine when to call a personal injury attorney. While you’re free to call one anytime you feel you have an injury to deal with, you should also learn what negligence means, how it works for you, and what you should do when you suspect negligence. Anytime you are involved in any type of accident, you have the right to contact a personal injury attorney. The right is one you should exercise if for no other reason than to see what options you have and what you can do to exercise your rights. At worst, you can call a personal injury attorney to help you file a personal injury lawsuit because you’ve been seriously injured and you’re facing serious financial problems as a result.

Call to Discuss Negligence

If you were involved in an accident that was caused by someone else, you should call a personal injury attorney to discuss negligence. If the other person caused the accident, was it due to negligence? If it is, you have a right to file a lawsuit to seek damages. Negligence is fairly easy to understand, but you must know what it is you’re looking at and how it works for you. Your san diego personal attorney can help you understand the concept.

What is negligence?

Negligence is the word used to describe the actions of someone else who didn’t do the right thing. For example, someone who gets behind the wheel of their car after taking shots at the bar is negligent. They know it’s illegal and dangerous to drink and drive, but they’re choosing to make this poor choice regardless. It’s a thoughtless, negligent choice. If you’re looking to prove negligence in a personal injury case, you must prove the many elements.

– Duty of care is the first element. The person who caused your accident has a duty of care to behave a certain way to ensure you are safe and secure. If the other person was drinking and driving, they were not handling their duty of care when they got behind the wheel drunk.
– Breach of duty is the second element. If the person who was drinking and driving got in the car to drive and knew they shouldn’t, they are breaching their duty of care.
– Your injuries are a direct result of the breach of duty. This is the final piece of the puzzle in any negligence accusation. If your injuries are a direct result of the breach of duty of care someone else caused by drinking and driving, they are negligent and directly responsible for your injuries.

What can I do if someone is negligent?

Your attorney will go over your options with you, but you do have options. You can file a personal injury lawsuit to help recover some of the damages you’ve incurred. This includes the medical bills you’re racking up now that you have injuries. This includes the repair to your vehicle or your other personal property, any loss of income you’ve suffered as a result of missing work or being unable to return to work, any pain and suffering, and many other facets.

If you’ve been in an accident and you aren’t sure what to do next, it’s time to call a personal injury attorney. If you suspect someone else caused the accident because they were negligent in some way, you have a leg to stand on if you choose to file a lawsuit. Let your attorney help you file a lawsuit to help with the cost of your injuries and the other issues you face now that you’ve been injured. You have rights.

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