What’s a car accident settlement

Car accidents represent a significant danger for pregnant women and their unborn children. Pregnant women who experience a car accident should immediately contact their doctor and seek an exam to ensure the health of both mother and fetus. All expectant mothers need to carry a list of important phone numbers with them, including the phone numbers for their primary care physician, OB-GYN, midwife, hospital and other emergency contacts. Although car accidents often cause back pain, concussions and other bumps and bruises, any type of impact or jolt during a car crash poses a risk to an unborn child. Many car accident injuries initially go undetected because neither the mother nor fetus exhibit symptoms. The expecting mother should immediately contact a personal injury attorney after the exam to help preserve evidence and protect her legal rights, especially because several days may pass before injuries begin to show and in that time evidence or witnesses may disappear.

The womb offers some protection for a fetus in the case of a sudden stop or jolt, but expectant mothers should request an exam to check that the placenta has not separated from the womb due to trauma. In cases where there is no crash, separation of placenta and womb, also called placental abruption, can threaten the health of the fetus. Even minor accidents can put expectant mothers at risk for hemorrhaging, premature delivery or miscarriage. After an exam, including ultrasound, if mother and fetus experience no injuries, the mother will need to continue to watch her condition from home. Pregnant women who experience vaginal bleeding, contractions, leaking amniotic fluid, abdominal pain or a decrease in the fetus’ movements, should immediately contact their doctors.

A personal injury lawyer can help a pregnant woman involved in an auto accident, even when injuries remain uncertain. Expectant mothers who experience a traffic accident will want to record the name and contact information of all parties involved, including anyone who stops to help or who may have witnessed the crash. An attorney may seek video or photographic evidence from traffic cameras or nearby businesses with cameras. Since almost everyone has smartphone, the woman or a passenger or witness should memorialize the scene with photos or video. Videos and photos provide valuable evidence later when a party discovers injury.

Pregnant women can reduce their risks by only driving when necessary, driving with the seat as far back from airbags as comfortable and by driving cautiously. Nevertheless, car accidents can occur even when the driver is reasonably cautious. Expectant mothers need to contact their doctors and seek the proper treatment immediately. After the exam, an injured woman needs to contact an injury attorney to protect her and her unborn child.

An experienced attorney can provide valuable assistance to clients who are having problems negotiating car accident settlements. Victims have rights, but the process of making legal claims against another party is often complex and time-consuming. Insurance companies may be required to pay for damages that were caused by their policy holder, but they know that victims are not always prepared to mount a sustained legal fight.

A common strategy that insurance companies use is to offer a quick settlement that may seem like a large sum of money. Victims who are reeling from injuries, loss of income and an uncertain future may view the initial settlement as their safest and best option for being compensated. Facing the prospect of hiring an attorney, going to court and not having any money until the legal process is resolved is enough motivate many victims to settle as quickly as possible.

Insurance companies are more than happy to dangle a little bit of cash in front of the eyes of good people who are hurting, scared and not thinking clearly. They know that they can save a fortune when compared to the amount that may be required if a lawyer was representing the victim instead.

This is one of many reasons why it is essential to contact an experienced, competent and savvy personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. An attorney can take an objective look at the circumstances surrounding an accident, assess the value of damages and estimate the cost of medical treatment.

Victims of negligence are usually entitled to receive compensation for current and future medical expenses, the loss of earnings and damage to property. Compensatory damages may be awarded for pain and suffering along with other mitigating factors that are unique to a particular claim as well.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation to discuss the details of a claim with an attorney. Make sure to bring medical records, police reports and copies of correspondence between you and insurance companies. Include miscellaneous items such as repair bills, pay stubs and any other documentation that is relevant to the claim.

Personal injury lawyers provide essential assistance to clients who are having trouble settling car accident claims. Victims can benefit from the advocacy and guidance of someone who is focused on pursuing their interests. Get an attorney today, and give the insurance company a run for their money.