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Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

What Work is There to be Done on my Los Angeles DUI Case?

Many clients don’t understand the importance of seeking legal assistance immediately after you have been pulled over by the police. You also need to know that you have the legal right to remain silent if the police pulls you over for suspicion that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. In such an event, you don’t need to resist arrest. All you need to do is to contact your Los Angeles DUI attorney for immediate representation. In such an event, the attorney will come to the scene immediately and help you answer the police questions. Sometimes you may say something to the police that will convict you during your care trial. Therefore, the representation of an attorney is essential.

Many clients find themselves in a situation they would have prevented by seeking legal representatives early enough before the case proceeds. In fact, most clients call for legal representation when the case is heard. This is a very tricky situation as the attorney may be forced to deal with evidence he would have suppressed before the case proceeded to hear. Moreover, an experienced attorney has enough legal experience to avoid trial and ensure the case is ended at the DMV hearing. You must know that the work done in the court hearing is very minimal following your decision to work alone without experience with these cases. In addition to preparing for the DMV hearing as well as the criminal court proceedings, there are many other things you must do.

Obtaining a discovery is one of the things you need to do before the DMV hearings and court proceedings. They are important because they work to determine your individuals’ case as a whole. Because a legal representative in Los Angeles understands your case, they will work to help you get better representation to obtain the discovery. The discovery can be defined as any form of evidence that can be used against or for the client in a DMV hearing or any criminal court of justice proceedings. The discovery can range from visual or audio tape, potential testimony or eye witness at the scene of the incident, or the police reports. This is the significance of the discovery of your case.

When you are undertaking your DU case, the audio or visual tapes can be of great importance to making your case dismissed or gaining the legal advantage in a court of law. Police officers always have recorders on their belts as a way that gathers anything illegal you talk to them. They also use the recorders to record conversations. In the recent past, we have seen visual recordings to have the DUI case take a different direction as the case is dismissed. When the officer pulls you over for suspicion that you are driving under the influence and intoxication of alcohol and any other drug, they record the conversations from beginning to the end. These recordings are very important because your DUI Los Angeles attorney will evaluate your case from beginning to the end as well as analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Let us take the example of an officer who states that you were over speeding in the report when he pulled you over. He will also indicate that as a reason that led him to suspect you for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. While he might have written down that you were over speeding at the event and did not speak that in the audio, there are legal implications that might help you win the case. The court will discredit the report and the testimony of the police officer who pulled you over. If the police report is discredited, there will be no reason for you to be pulled over in the first place. They will, therefore state another probable cause for pulling you over from swerving and irregular license plates that will not be heard in the court of law.

All discovery is important when determining the strengths and weaknesses of your case. This means that you must work to sustain the attorney from the beginning of your case to the end. It is all done to your legal advantage.

If you or your loved one has been arrested for a DUI offense in Los Angeles, ensure you contact an attorney to have your case represented with the collection of discovery.

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