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Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

What Options Do I have to Conclude my Los Angeles DUI Case?

Many people are always tempted to think that being pulled over means that you are being convicted for a DUI offense. However, that is not the case whenever you are pulled over by the police as it is a suspicion they want to ascertain. The police do not convict people. Their job is to ensure you are staying up with the trends in management and capability. The police are government employees whose main work is to maintain law and order. Therefore, they just pull you over to ensure you are not on the highway to be a threat to the police in harm when driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

When the police pull you over, they might have noticed a driving pattern always depicted by those who drink and drive. This does not also mean that you are charged with the DUI offense as at times people. The only implication they have is when they prove that you were drunk while driving a car on the highway. The two things must be met to sustain a clear conviction for a DUI offense. A police officer can prove that you were driving a car because they pulled you over in the first place. They can also prove that you were drunk while driving when the sobriety tests and breathalyzer turn out to be positive. This is the only time you will be convicted in a court of law.

When the police officers’ conduct the tests on you, they submit the report to the prosecutor’s office for careful analysis. The prosecutor will not proceed with a case that does not have enough legal evidence as it will be dismissed in a court of law. They will proceed with your case if they find that you were drunk while driving with the evidence and reports presented to them by the police. Remember that you have the right to remain silent even when the police pull you over as anything you speak can be used against you in a criminal court of justice. You will remain silent until your attorney arrives to guide you on how to speak.

If you are facing charges for a DUI offense, then you might have received citation from the officer who arrested you. This is known as the arraignment date. This means that you will appear at the specified court before the date. This is the date when your legal case commences. In most cases, the prosecutor might not have filed the case when you appear in court. However, it does not mean that your case has been dismissed. The prosecutor has over one year to have the charges against you filed. Due to the overwhelming caseloads in the courts, they might have more time to continue with your case analysis. They will mail you the new date to be in court after the first appearing. In some cases, the case might have been dismissed leading to your absence in the court.

The first time you enter the court is called the Arraignment. The judge will inform you of your rights at that date. They will also inform you of the charges you face as well as the potential sentence if found guilty to enter a plea.

The best way to collude your case is to enter the no contest or guilty plea. You have the right to enter a plea at any time of the case even if it is in the hearing stage. Your case will be concluded by the court once you enter a plea. However, you will complete your obligations to the court. You can be summoned back if you have not completed.

The second way your DUO case can be completed is to have the case pas through trial to a determination by the judge or jury. The verdict is the end of the case. You will go through the legal system if you enter a plea of not guilty. You will proceed to the pre-trial chambers starting from the preliminary hearings. You have the right to get into the plea of not guilty at any point of the case. Otherwise, you will proceed to trial to hear from both sides. The judge will make a finding at the end of the trial. The case will be completed once the verdict is entered. Because the legal process is complex, you need a Los Angeles DUI attorney to represent you.

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