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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

What is a Drug Trafficking Charge

In-spite of the fact that numerous individuals accept that “drug trafficking” is synonymous with “drug dealing,” the law applies a more extensive net. State laws on drug trafficking vary fundamentally, all states have laws that rebuff drug trafficking action.

You might be indicted drug trafficking on the off chance that you produce, transport, offer or appropriate unlawful drugs.

Then again, drug trafficking is additionally a wrong-doing of weight and estimation. Given the chance that you are found with an indicated measure of any illicit drug you could be declared guilty of drug trafficking. This is genuine regardless of the possibility that you didn’t fabricate, purchase, offer, or transport those drugs. In the event that you have drugs in your ownership and the amount you have surpasses the lawfully decided trafficking sum, you could be discovered blameworthy of drug trafficking.

•Intent and Ownership. To be sentenced drug trafficking a prosecutor must demonstrate that you had the obliged measure of the unlawful drugs and that your ownership was deliberate. This implies, for instance, that you can’t be indicted drug ownership on the off chance that you lease an auto in which you later find a kilogram of cocaine covered up in the dashboard. Intentionally having drugs is sufficient to be sentenced trafficking, yet that doesn’t mean a prosecutor needs to demonstrate your state of brain, or mens rea, at the time of ownership. In the event that the circumstances demonstrate that you had the drugs in your individual ownership or had control over where the drugs were, you might be discovered liable of drug trafficking.

•Amount. Drug trafficking laws rely on the measure of drugs you have in your ownership, however the particular amount varies relying upon the kind of drug. Case in point, a state’s laws may characterize weed trafficking as having 25 pounds or a greater amount of cannabis or 300 pounds or a greater amount of pot plants. Then again, the same state could characterize trafficking of cocaine as having 28 grams or a greater amount of cocaine. Whenever you have a measure of drugs over as far as possible you might be sentenced drug trafficking.

•Sale, Assembling, or Development. Drug trafficking charges don’t rely on upon whether you made the drugs, sold them, attempted to offer them, or even moved them. Once more, the key question in a trafficking charge is whether you had the unlawful drug in your ownership and if the sum surpasses the point of confinement created by law.

•Federal Drug Trafficking. While each one state has its own particular laws on drug trafficking, the central government likewise prosecutes drug trafficking offenses. Government drug trafficking charges can emerge at whatever point any trafficking movement crosses state lines or includes action in more than one state.

Drug Trafficking Penalties

Drug trafficking charges are intense, and anybody sentenced these criminal acts can end up confronting years or decades in jail. Despite the fact that the seriousness of the punishments connected with a drug trafficking feelings differs generally by state, all states force noteworthy punishments for drug trafficking.

•Prison. Drug trafficking feelings, actually for first time guilty parties, ordinarily bring about jail sentences that last over a year. A conviction for trafficking can without much of a stretch bring about a jail sentence of 10 years or all the more, however a few states have fundamentally higher punishments than others. Life sentences are additionally workable for drug trafficking feelings.

•Fines. The fines connected with a drug trafficking conviction are likewise genuine. State trafficking feelings can regularly accompany fines of $25,000 to $100,000 or more. Government drug trafficking feelings can surpass $10 million.

•Probation. Probation sentences are conceivable in some trafficking cases, however regularly just as a major aspect of a request deal where the charged consents to supplication liable to a less genuine indictment. Individuals sentenced to probation need to meet particular conditions requested by the court, for example, being checked by a post trial agent, submitting to irregular drug testing, not leaving the state without the post trial supervisor’s consent, and not contravening any more laws. Probation sentences generally last no less than 12 months, and sentences of three years or more are conceivable.

•Mandatory Least Sentences. Drug trafficking laws frequently force compulsory least sentences. This implies that an individual sentenced must serve a tagged measure of time and can’t be discharged on parole until that time has passed. On the off chance that, for instance, you are sentenced to 10 years in jail for drug trafficking and your state has a three year minimum , you will do the three years.

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