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West Hollywood Criminal Lawyers

If you are looking for some dedicated, fully experienced criminal defense lawyers and live in West Hollywood, CA, look no further. We at Farar & Lewis LLP are on the job to serve West Hollywood and all the greater L. A. area with a level of expertise and customer relations not often found elsewhere. Our staff of experienced criminal defense lawyers includes a former district attorney, and we are second to none in the courtroom.

Do I really Need a Defense Lawyer? Can’t I Just Defend Myself?

You have a Constitutional right to an attorney acting in your defense, and with the serious repercussions of criminal convictions being what they are (jail, fines, maimed reputation, even life in prison or death), it is unwise to risk an poor outcome by not taking advantage of that right. Those who penned the Bill of Rights knew the advantages wielded by prosecuting attorneys over the common man. That is why six of the ten first Amendments deal with the rights of the accused in a court of law. Lawyers working for the plaintiff know the law, the court system, and how to use them to work toward your conviction- we know the law equally as well and are just as committed to fighting for you in court. With all of the complex intricacies of local, state, federal, and Constitutional law involved, you need to have someone on your team that has expertise in these things to “even the playing field” or even gain an advantage in terms of experience and knowledge.

I Feel My Case to be Hopeless. Should I Even Bother to Fight Out My Case?

Yes, you should never assume there is no hope, nor should you give up before you even arrive in court- we will never give up on you the client, and that is a promise. It may seem like the decks are stacked against you, but the world of law often turns on curious things, and it takes a lawyer to know what to look for. Evidence may have been obtained in an illegal way that violated your fourth Amendment protections against searches and seizures without a warrant describing the exact place to be searched and the particular objects to be seized. Only when a judge, not merely a police officer, determines probable cause exists, can this be done legally. The jury in an earlier trial may have been improperly selected, you may have been put on trial for the same offence twice, or some other violation of equal protection under the law may have occurred. The prosecution’s case may not be nearly so strong as it looks at first glance, or new witnesses and evidence may be obtainable that will change the outlook of your situation. We know how to fight a case tooth and nail and look in every legal nook and cranny to formulate the best strategy to use in court.

What Kinds of Criminal Cases Do We Handle?

West Hollywood defendants accused of any sort of criminal activities can count on a strong defense to put up for them by the lawyers at Farar & Lewis LLP.  We handle cases involving assault and battery, burglary, robbery, child porn, conspiracy, counterfeiting, possession or sale or use of controlled substances, immigration, DUIs, distracted driving, internet related crimes, manslaughter, murder, everything. We cover federal, state and local cases, both first time and appeals. There is no case too small or too big for us to handle. We believe in innocent until proven guilty and fight to get you acquitted. If the best that can be obtained is a plea bargain reducing the charge or sentence, then with your knowledge and permission, we are able to negotiate for the best deal for you.

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