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West Covina Criminal Lawyers

If you have been charged with a crime in West Covina, then you need to hire a law firm that always has your best interests in mind. Farar and Lewis is this type of law firm. They have a professional team who will help you fight the criminal charges. Choosing Farar and Lewis over other law firms has several advantages.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

A major advantage that comes from contacting Farar and Lewis is that the law firm has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are ready to help you. The attorneys have a combined 70 years of experience defending people from criminal charges in and around West Covina. The professional team includes a former district attorney who worked in the criminal justice system. Each person is dedicated to making sure that all your rights are protected and that you receive the best possible defense. You can rely on the team at Farar and Lewis to take care of your case in an honest, transparent and effective way that less experienced attorneys cannot.

Receive Comprehensive Representation

Another advantage of calling Farar and Lewis for a criminal defense lawyer is comprehensive representation. There are lawyers and public defenders who provide just the bare minimum amount of service. They do not keep you informed and show up only when it is required by the court. This can make it hard to assist in your own defense or to learn about what is happening behind the scenes with your case. Farar and Lewis will provide you with comprehensive representation in West Covina. You can contact your lawyer with questions whenever necessary. Your lawyer will do everything from assessing evidence and finding witnesses to calling in experts to refute the prosecution. Your attorney will review everything related to the case looking for small issues and technicalities that could get the charges dropped. This type of comprehensive representation will benefit your case and your defense.

Experience In Several Practice Areas

You do not want to hire a law firm that has a very narrow view of criminal law. Firms that handle just one or two types of criminal cases could be missing the larger picture when formulating your defense. They might not be able to see how charges relate or how charges could be reduced. You want to choose Farar and Lewis because the firm has extensive experience in several different practice areas. The attorneys at the firm can help you whether you have been charged with a violent criminal offense, Internet fraud or drug possession. They can handle everything from misdemeanor cases to federal cases. You want this type of extensive experience when you are facing any type of criminal charges in West Covina.

Get Help during Every Step of the Legal Process

You do not want a lawyer or public defender who focuses on just one small aspect of your case or charges. You will need help during nearly every part of the legal process until the charges are resolved in some way. Farar and Lewis will be there with you at every step. Lawyers from the firm will fight with the prosecutors to have the charges dropped so that you never go to trial. They will negotiate to reduce the charges. They will defend you zealously if the case actually does need to be litigated in a court. The attorneys will also work with judges and prosecutors to reduce any sentences that are handed down. They could even help with an appeal if necessary. You can rely on the criminal attorneys at Farar and Lewis to work as hard as possible for your benefit during every stage of the legal process.

Personal Attention from the Start

Every criminal case is different. A benefit of calling Farar and Lewis is that the attorneys will look at your unique situation. The lawyers are going to provide you with personal attention from the very start. They will listen to your story and do whatever it takes to create the best defense strategy possible. They will answer your questions and address your concerns. This includes your concerns about everything related to the legal process. You will not be given a generic defense and meaningless paperwork. You will get a live attorney who really cares about your case and your rights.

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