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Walnut Criminal Lawyers

Being charged with a crime can be devastating. However, this doesn’t mean you’ve been convicted of a crime. Rather than giving up or pleading guilty, let Walnut criminal lawyers help you get through the criminal process. If you’ve been arrested, or if you’re facing criminal charges, you’ll need a legal professional well versed in the criminal justice system.

Pre-Trial Services

Walnut criminal lawyers begin working for you long before a trial. Some of their pre-trial services include:

• Convincing a court to drop charges—This can occur if there’s inadequate evidence or if there’s an incorrect procedure.
• Persuading a court to waive or reduce bail
• Working out a plea bargain—This an agreement designed to reduce sentencing or charges. A criminal attorney represents you so that your odds are more favorable for getting a reduced punishment.
• Securing effective witnesses that can display evidence tending to prove your evidence, besides disproving evidence presented by prosecution lawyers
• Uncovering significant regulations and legal rules that are hard for the average layperson to find

Services During and After a Trial

During and after a trial, Walnut criminal defense lawyers assist their clients throughout the entire ordeal. Their services involve:

• Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of pleading guilty to a crime—A criminal defense attorney can show you how pleading guilty can make it challenging to get a job after you’ve finished your punishment.
• Devising a defense strategy after examining your case’s strengths and weaknesses
• Helping with jury selection
• Assisting you in the appeals process
• Delivering opening statements to questioning witnesses
• Working out a fair sentencing program—For example, rather than having to go to prison for a year, a criminal defense lawyer can suggest that you only go for half a year and spend the other six months getting help at a drug treatment program.
• Finding and hiring investigators to investigate an alleged crime

Questions to Ask a Criminal Lawyer

Before you hire a criminal defense lawyer, be sure to access a potential attorney’s training, experience and fee structure. Ask several criminal defense lawyers important questions, such as:

• Where they attended law school and when they graduated
• The number of years they’ve been involved in practicing criminal law
• The frequency that their clients go to trial
• The number of cases they’ve handled and how many they’ve won
• Their specific law specialties
• Their familiarity with the court in which your case will be held
• Their relationships with the prosecutor’s office and if they often negotiate plea agreements
• If they’re a member of a bar association or other professional organization

Cost Considerations

Choosing the best criminal defense lawyer is more important than selecting an electrician or other professional. In other words, you need to hire the best attorney possible for your case. If an attorney offers a low fee, it can signify inexperience on the part of the lawyer.

On the other hand, you don’t always have to hire the attorney charging the highest fee. Lawyers’ fees don’t always suggest their quality or quantity of service they’ll provide. Most criminal defense attorneys charge flat fees rather than billing by the hour.


• Don’t hire a criminal defense lawyer who seems hesitant to go to trial. Instead, use a lawyer who isn’t afraid to go to trial, if necessary. It’s best to hire a lawyer with a record of handling 40 or more jury trials.
• Be sure to hire an attorney whose practice is mainly devoted to criminal defense cases. This means hiring only criminal defense lawyers who have dedicated 50 percent or more of their cases to criminal defense.
• Ask if anyone else, besides your criminal lawyer, will be representing you. If so, ask to meet with them.

Walnut criminal lawyers can also help you deal with the unpleasant feelings that typically accompany criminal trials. Often defendants suffer from depression, low self-worth and embarrassment. These legal specialists are ready, qualified and experienced to represent you. Don’t hesitate to set up a meeting with a Walnut criminal defense lawyer if you have any questions.

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