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How VOIP phone systems can help law firms

Small and growing law firms can often benefit from upgraded business phone systems. Whether you’re planning a move, have recently increased your client base, or find that your current phone set-up isn’t capable of meeting your needs, you can find an affordable, flexible solution in VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology makes it possible for companies to make calls via the web, by using their existing broadband connections. Following are several benefits that VoIP systems provide.

VoIP Systems Are Entirely Scalable

Unlike the standard, land-based phone systems that companies used in the past, VoIP technologies are entirely customizable and scalable. Not only does this mean that you can establish the perfect configuration for your firm and it’s operations right now, but you can also cheaply and easily modify this set-up to accommodate changes in the future. This limits the need for troublesome phone number and provider changes by always giving you access to plans that fit your budget and your business requirements.

Ease Of Use

VoIP phone systems are both easy to set up and easy to use. Once these systems are in place, deployment is immediate. It is even possible to find VoIP phone solutions that can be set up without local Ethernet ports or pre-existing wiring. For small and non-traditional office spaces, this is ideal. Each of your attorneys can have access to viable lines, irrespective of how individuals desk are laid out, or the level of access to utilities throughout the building structure.

VoIP Phone Systems Are Entirely Mobile

When it comes to improving your firm’s ability to service clients in a timely and acceptable fashion, VoIP technologies are the ideal phone solutions. With professionals becoming increasingly mobile, these systems allow people to continue making and receiving calls while out and about, all while using the same business numbers that they use in-office. This remains true whether attorneys are in nearby courthouses or legal libraries, or working face-to-face with clients across the country.

VoIp Comes With Built-In Features For Making The Right Impressions On Prospects

Despite being mobile, affordable and customizable, these solutions are incredibly feature-rich. They’re perfect for small-sized firms that are eager to present themselves as polished, well-established and reliable. With VoIP plans, even companies with meager budgets can get features like virtual receptionists, multi-ring functionality, digital and analog faxing, conferencing, and extension dialing among many other things.

Get Local Phone Numbers

It’s possible to cheaply secure phone numbers for multiple area codes from a single VoIP provider. This is good news if your practice has attorneys working throughout different cities in the United States. Your clients can dial local to speak with professionals at any one of your offices. More importantly, you won’t have to pay the high costs of maintaining a toll-free line.

Register Multiple Devices

VoIP technologies can even limit the number of important phone calls that your practice misses. Instead of having a single, dedicated phone for each employee, members of your team can register their desk phones, home office phones, and mobile phones. This way, each of these devices will be able to receive incoming phone calls for a single number.

With VoIP phone systems, law firms can maintain consistently high levels of both accessibility and responsiveness. These solutions are valued by businesses for being scalable, flexible and affordable. As such, they can effectively meet the needs of your growing practice at every stage of development.

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