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Using Virtual Reality and Developing Marketing Campaigns That Are Especially Innovative

In 2014, the Thomas Cook Group developed virtual tours of numerous cities, and customers may evaluate helicopters that regularly transport guests, view the interiors of various well-known buildings, experience multiple sections of cities that tourists frequently visit and evaluate gourmet restaurants. A report indicated that the campaign increased the travel agency’s revenue by more than 80 percent.

When using the devices, guests can experience conversations with individuals who reside in the cities, guided tours that some businesses offer and events that take place annually. Throughout the last two years, more than eight travel agencies have also created marketing campaigns that utilize virtual reality. Even law firms, like Lamber Goodnow from Phoenix, have invested into virtual reality! There’s literally no boundaries on who virtual reality is good for. Lamber Goodnow has created an entire virtual reality system that allows juries to visualize how an accident happened – and the injuries the victim suffered.

Enjoying a Virtual Drive

During 2014, a well-known automaker developed a video that shows an extensive test drive, and the film highlights the vehicle’s interior, the engine, the sleek lines of the recently designed exterior and a list of extra features. The marketing campaign helps individuals to experience sounds that the engine generates and noises that are associated with the vehicle’s high-quality brakes, and customers can enjoy detailed views that show nearby mountains, a winding road, a sunset and other vehicles.

A Marketing Campaign for Individuals Who Enjoy Climbing

Recently, the North Face Inc. created a campaign that allowed customers to virtually experience mountains that are situated in Yosemite National Park. Clients could evaluate the point of view of an experienced climber who was scaling a mountain that is located in Nepal. The strategy attracted thousands of customers who regularly use virtual reality, and several news agencies created segments that described the company’s cutting-edge techniques.

The Savannah College of Art and Design

This college offered a virtual tour for more than 5,000 individuals who had not yet enrolled at the school. The recipients can virtually tour the campus, experience numerous types of classes, examine social bonds that students may form and tour sizable buildings. The technology has also allowed the individuals to watch events that took place on the campus. According to one report, the college will soon send the devices to numerous high schools and teachers who mentor students who reside near the school.

A Campaign That Many Travelers Recommend

Marriott International Inc. created a virtual experience that lets guests enjoy tours of New York City, and recently, the company also offered headsets that provide virtual tours of London. When utilizing the devices, travelers viewed numerous waterfalls, several parks that visitors frequently explore, the exteriors of large hotels that the company manages, sizable bridges that offer picturesque views and walkways that are situated in urban areas. The company also designed virtual experiences that show luxury suites that many of the hotels contain.

Evaluating Homes and Customizing Renovations

Throughout the last three years, Lowe’s Companies Inc. created devices that allow visitors to experience homes that feature numerous types of furniture, bedrooms that contain the company’s products, renovated dining rooms, bathrooms, basements, hallways and living rooms. While using the equipment, individuals are able to customize the virtual rooms, and consequently, the users can add images that show certain lights, numerous types of floors, specific sinks that the company offers, cabinets, decks, pools, numerous doors that the business manufactured, showers and yards that feature multiple trees.

The company is currently utilizing Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, and some reports have suggested that the techniques substantially increased the company’s revenue and attracted a large number of new customers. Furthermore, one analysis indicated that the strategy augmented the amount of buyers who refer other customers to the business.

Headsets That Samsung Has Manufactured

When visiting Samsung’s flagship store, guests can try cutting-edge devices that offer virtual tours of numerous locations, and customers may enjoy experiences that feature virtual roller coasters or multiple events that are associated with talented musicians. The business has also developed numerous chairs that feature headsets and sensors that allow guests to participate in simulations of multiple outdoor activities.

Experiences That Are Related to New Video Games

While marketing a state-of-the-art video game, one company designed a virtual tour of futuristic cities that the game offers. Once customers evaluate the game’s maps, users can explore roadways that are situated in the air, technology for futuristic vehicles, devices that can fly and large buildings that feature cutting-edge designs. Customers may also hear the sounds from a waterfall that is situated in the middle of the fictional city and noises that multiple flying devices generate.

Traveling to Texas

Recently, a business unveiled a marketing campaign that helps travelers to virtually tour 12 well-known locations in Houston, Texas. When an individual watches the realistic video, a guest can explore museums that attract more than 100,000 visitors annually, feel sensations that are associated with outdoor activities, see areas that offer views of several cities, explore amusement parks and enjoy experiences that are related to multiple festivals.

Marketing Sodas and Offering a Virtual Experience That Features Sleighs

A large corporation has developed a virtual tour that allows customers to ride in a mythical sleigh, which flies over multiple virtual villages and images that show vast forests. While advertising numerous types of sodas, the company created a digital map that features flying reindeer, evergreen trees that are especially large, festive lights, a wide variety of presents, festive music and a decorated truck that offers bottles of fresh soda. The business used Oculus Rift, and after creating the virtual experience, the company has managed at least 10 other marketing campaigns that utilize virtual reality.

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