Los Angeles Unlicensed Sale of Firearms Lawyers

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Los Angeles Unlicensed Sale of Firearms Lawyers

Firearm laws in California are among the most stringent in the nations. Many people charged with illegal firearm sales are unaware of all of the laws governing the sale of weapons. The law requires that there should be proper licensing in place in order to sell a weapon or firearm.

Do I need a license to sell firearms?

At the federal level, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives requires that you have a license. The California laws are clear on the privileges for those who sell or distribute the weapons in question.

What does the law state in California?

California law restricts all types of gun activity. Laws govern how guns are manufactured, distributed, importing, transporting and sold. Both private and public transactions are subject to California law. In fact, laws regarding offering or lending a weapon are strictly enforced. The state requires that all who sell these weapons must be recognized as a licensed dealer. The person must be licensed by the Dealer’s Record of Sale. Once the sale has been completed, the transaction cannot be completed until after 10 days.

These laws apply to:

• Private party transactions
• Gun show transactions
• Public transactions

Other classifications of firearms

California laws also regulate how other forms of guns are sold. A BB or pellet gun is not treated the same as a firearm, so it can be sold in the state of California without a license. All other classes of firearm such as assault weapons are treated identically as offenses with regard to transactions.

What is the penalty in the state of California?

Any violation of the law related to any sales transaction for a firearm is punishable by six months in a county jail. Penalties can reach $1,000 for any sell made. If a .50 BMG rifle is sold, a person may be imprisoned for four to eight years. The penalty is applicable to every firearm transaction sold by an unlicensed person.

Who is authorized to sell a firearm?

Some states permit the private sell of firearms by citizens. In California, the laws govern all gun transactions. Private parties are subject to those same laws. In order for a sale to occur, the private party must be licensed. All people involved in any transaction must be a dealer.

The laws on arrangement

If there is an arrangement made, there must be some sort of dealer involved. If the unlicensed, private parties planning a transaction, there must be a licensed dealer involved. If a firearm is leased or even transferred to another party, some licensed dealer must be present during the transaction.

Becoming a licensed seller of firearms

There are three licenses, one certificate, and one permit that is required to sell firearms in California. In order to sell a firearm in California, there must be a federal license. The seller must also have a business license. The seller’s permit must be sought through the Department of Justice. The State Board of Equalization also issues a seller’s permit. A local licensing authority must also issue a one-year license for the seller.

The party planning, arranging, transferring, leasing or selling a gun in California must be a licensed dealer. The laws apply to both the private and public transactions. Since California has some of the strictest laws for firearm transactions, those who are found in violation are subject to serious penalties.