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What Type of Evidence Can I Present at my Los Angeles DUI Case?

There are two things a prosecutor must do to ensure you are convicted of DUI in Los Angeles. The prosecutor must prove you were driving a vehicle while under the influence beyond a reasonable doubt. A judge and/or jury must be convinced completely that you were driving under the influence. There cannot be even a small doubt in their minds you were breaking the law at the time of your arrest, and you have every right to fight that evidence by submitting evidence of your own you were doing no such thing.

If you are arrested and charged with a DUI in Los Angeles, you do have the right to fight the charge and present evidence this is not true. You are given legal rights any time you are arrested for anything, but it’s your responsibility to take advantage of these rights to ensure they are given to you. If you have evidence that states you were not under the influence or that you were not the driver of the vehicle in question, you can present this in court as a way of supporting your case.

What type of evidence may I use?

Before you present any evidence in court, you should consult with a DUI attorney in Los Angeles. One thing many people don’t realize is sometimes their own evidence is working against them. An attorney can help you determine whether the evidence you have proving you were not driving under the influence is helpful or harmful to your case. It’s one of the many reasons hiring an attorney is the right decision when you are arrested and charged with a DUI.

Police Reports – This is one of the most common piece of evidence you can submit when you are arrested and charged with a DUI. It’s what is not included in the police report that can help you with your case. If the report does not list probable cause for pulling you over, your case can be dismissed. California law requires an officer must have a valid reason for pulling someone over in the first place. This might be that the driver did not stop at a stop sign or red light, that someone already called to report the vehicle was driving erratically, or the driver was involved in an accident. If there is no probable cause listed on the report, it’s good for your case.

Witness Testimony – You may present all the witnesses you want when you are arrested and charged with a DUI. These witnesses and their testimony could help you get your charges dropped or significantly reduced. This could be someone who states they were with you all night and you never took any medication, drugs, or consumed alcohol. It can be someone who witnessed the officer mix up breathalyzer tests with the passenger and the driver. Your witness can be anyone who saw anything that proves you are not guilty of DUI.

Call an Attorney

You can represent yourself in a court of law if you are arrested and charged with a DUI, but it’s not recommended. An attorney has years of experience working with DUI clients who’ve been wrongfully accused, who have been let off on a technicality, and who aren’t guilty. Even if you are guilty, you still have a chance of being set free without going to jail, without paying fines, and without losing your license if the prosecution cannot prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Attorneys know how the law works, and how it works in your favor. Your best defense in any DUI case is a good DUI attorney in Los Angeles. They can advise you what to do, if your evidence is good enough, and if you have a chance at winning your case or at least reducing the charges brought against you. If this is not your first offense or if you hurt someone or caused an accident while driving, you must call an attorney since your charges are now considered felony charges. Don’t let your future fall apart because you choose not to hire an attorney to represent you and present evidence on your behalf if you take your case to trial.

Your attorney knows more about the law, can help with evidence, and can help disprove the prosection. Let them help you win your case. You’re not required to hire an attorney in a case like this, but you should hire one to represent you.

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