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South Pasadena Dui Lawyers

South Pasadena, California is the ideal place to raise a family and enjoy the soothing California sunshine. In the course of enjoying your time in South Pasadena, you may find yourself getting involved in the nightlife or enjoying an evening at a friend’s house. On your way home, you could also find yourself being pulled over under suspicion of DUI.

What would your first reaction be when the police handcuff you and take you to the South Pasadena police station? Once you understand the gravity of your situation, your first step should be to call Farar and Lewis to let our professional attorneys take care of your situation for you.

We Have The Experience You Need

The professional legal staff at Farar and Lewis has over 70 years of combined legal experience. Our staff includes the most qualified professionals in the legal industry, including a former district attorney. What does all of that experience mean for you? It means that we will know exactly how to handle your South Pasadena DUI and we will know exactly what to do.

If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI, then time is of the essence. If you allow the South Pasadena police authorities to move ahead without the proper information, then you could be in line for punishments that do not fit your crime. Let our experience work for you and make sure that the police use the right information to process your case.

We Can Set The Record Straight

The state of California has some strict DUI laws and they are all based on the proper utilization of the legal process. When you are awaiting information on your case, you are not able to collect and deliver the information that can get you a proper judgment. That is where our professional attorneys step in and set the record straight.

At Farar and Lewis, we believe that every DUI case is unique and should be treated that way. The circumstances surrounding your case are not the same as the other cases brought in that night and you need a professional legal team to make sure that your case is properly heard. We will put our decades of experience to work in making sure that all of the information in your case is accurate and that you get a fair proceeding.

We Will Make Sure Every Detail Is Covered

Does your DUI case include the possibility of personal injuries or property damage? When it comes to a DUI in South Pasadena, there can be a lot of details that must be attended to if you are going to get a fair hearing. If there are property damage and personal injury claims involved, then we will investigate them and get the facts straight before your hearing. We will also make sure that any other information is accurate before the courts make their decision.

If you find yourself in a DUI situation in South Pasadena, then you are facing some very serious charges. If those charges are compounded by property damage and personal injuries, then you are facing a mountain of issues. Do not scale that mountain on your own. Give Farar and Lewis a call and let our more than 70 years of experience speak for you and make sure that your voice is heard and your rights are preserved.

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