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South Pasadena Criminal Lawyers

Many legal problems could occur during a regular business day in South Pasadena. Therefore, the best option for protection is to speak with a competent attorney who can provide criminal defense with a team of professionals. Anyone could be falsely charged or placed in a compromising situation. When faced with a criminal charge, individuals have the legal right to speak with an attorney who can guide them through the process. Each client is treated with the utmost courtesy and respect at the law offices of Farar and Lewis, LLP.

Free Consultation

The attorneys are available for a free consultation about criminal defense. There is a contact form on the website that can be used to submit information about a problem, which can be evaluated by an attorney for an assessment of the legal ramifications. The attorney can choose to schedule a free consultation, which allows the client and attorney to discuss a problem in privacy before a decision is made about accepting the case.

Fear of the Unknown

Criminal defense is a sensitive area for attorneys because the clients have usually been charged by an arresting officer. The clients are frightened and uncertain about the potential outcome. The clerks in the offices of the court system will not offer any legal advice. Therefore, the clients are not usually aware of the risks from a criminal charge or the proper protocol that is required during the legal process. Attorneys can provide information about appropriate criminal defense.

Types of Cases

The office can handle criminal defense for misdemeanor and felony cases, such as for auto theft, illegal narcotics, violent crimes, DUIs, sex crimes, burglaries, shoplifting, juvenile cases and parole violations. The attorneys understand the legal process and can mitigate the problem for a client who may have no legal knowledge about the ramifications of a criminal charge. Therefore, a client will have less stress during the process if an attorney is available for advice. The attorneys can interact directly with the office of the prosecuting district attorney or with the judge who is presiding over a case.

Importance of Legal Defense

When someone has been charged with a crime, that individual should discuss the details with an attorney because the legal system has too many nooks and crannies that could trap an innocent victim. The client is responsible for responding to the charge and must enter a plea, such as innocent or guilty. The situation is very serious and could have extremely disastrous results. Therefore, clients are offered a free consultation at the law offices of Farar and Lewis, LLP before any decisions are made about accepting a case or the applicable legal fees.

Legal Advice

The best approach to use in all situations is to avoid any potential problems with a criminal charge. Tempers may ignite during a heated argument between a boss and a recently fired employee. Someone could decide to drive while intoxicated. A child may imitate violent actions from a television show. Social situations should not be allowed to escalate to the point of threats, violence or dangerous driving behavior that results in criminal charges. However, Steven Sitkoff, Joel Farar and Justin Farar are competent attorneys who can provide legal advice about criminal defense and courteously discuss the problem with a client.

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