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South El Monte Criminal Lawyers

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It’s just plain frightening to become the subject of a South El Monte criminal investigation. The stakes are high, and the criminal justice system is difficult for a novice to understand. The one thing that every criminal defendant can depend on, however, is that the district attorney is in the business of obtaining convictions. That’s why the legal representation of an experienced criminal lawyer isn’t just important, it’s the only way to protect your reputation and freedom. The preeminent law firm of Farar and Lewis LLP has over 70 years of combined criminal defense experience and offers free case evaluations.

South El Monte Criminal Lawyer

A conviction can literally devastate the hopes and dreams of a criminal defendant and their family. Not only does Farar and Lewis offer the unique advantage of having a former district attorney on staff, they have a proven record of successfully negotiating favorable results for countless clients. Every Farar and Lewis lawyer is thoroughly familiar with the laws and legal procedures associated with criminal cases in the Los Angeles area. Every criminal law client deserves and receives personal attention and access to the best possible outcome.

The criminal justice system is complicated and unpredictable. Believe it or not, choosing the right criminal lawyer is often more important than the nature and scope of a particular criminal charge. A successful criminal law firm takes immediate action to have the relevant criminal charges dropped even before the first scheduled court appearance. The evidence against you will be carefully reviewed and aggressively challenged on your behalf. When necessary, every effort will be made to negotiate a reduction in charges or sentence.

Choosing A Criminal Lawyer

Researching and selecting a qualified criminal lawyer is crucial to the outcome of a criminal case. It’s important to remember that the prosecution must prove the guilt of every criminal defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. Although this is an extremely high legal standard for the prosecution to achieve, it’s easy for a criminal defendant to become the unsuspecting victim of the stifling criminal justice bureaucracy. Having the right lawyer on your side will ensure that you never become just another serial number or legal file. It’s never a good idea to rely on an inexperienced defense attorney to investigate the charges against you and build a winning defense strategy.

First of all, it should be noted that self representation is almost always a losing strategy. While an experienced criminal lawyer is well acquainted with the prosecuting attorney and opposing defense counsel, criminal defendants that decide to represent their own legal interests are rarely taken seriously. Facing a serious criminal charge simply isn’t the time to learn the intricacies of criminal law and the applicable sentencing guidelines. Your personal liberty is far too important to play high stakes legal roulette.

Factors to Consider

Crimes ranging from sexual abuse to robbery demand a sound legal defense strategy. Even a relatively minor criminal conviction can jeopardize a defendant’s ability to access employment, housing and educational services. A minor criminal conviction could also raise the stakes in the event of a subsequent criminal charge or conviction. Moreover, judges typically enjoy enormous latitude when enforcing current sentencing guidelines. It could be too late by the time that a criminal defendant realizes that their inexperienced defense lawyer was outmaneuvered by the prosecution.

A criminal suspect should never allow a search of their premises in the absence of proper credentials and a valid search warrant. The advice and counsel of an experienced criminal lawyer will prove to be invaluable during the early stages of a criminal case. Similarly, every criminal defendant, in addition to being extremely courteous to public officials, should never hesitate to exercise their constitutional right to remain silent. You should never hand over evidence in the absence of a court order. Finally, every effort should be made to be cooperative in the event of a legal arrest.

Every criminal charge, including crimes such as drug possession and assault, is associated with a set of legal precedents and court ordered procedures. The South El Monte law firm of Farar and Lewis LLP possesses the knowledge and experience to represent you or a loved one in court. It’s a costly mistake to believe that all criminal lawyers are the same. The lawyer that you choose should have specific experience representing clientele that faced similar criminal charges. Take full advantage of the 24/7 risk free consultation that Farar and Lewis makes available to every client by asking questions. Get to know your prospective criminal lawyer and learn what it will take to clear you of all charges.

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