Food Stamp Eligibility Investigations Lawyers Los Angeles

Posted By max soni, On May 13, 2018

There are several programs that distribute food assistance, also referred to as food stamps. This sort of assistance is often to give people who are disabled, of low income or elderly so that they can buy food. The Supplemental Assistance Program is used, and SNAP benefits are offered through Electronic Benefits Transfer card. The food benefits are put on the card and then they can be withdrawn by using a pin number. The card can be used at a basic ATM machine or while checking out at a store.

Not everyone is eligible for food stamps. Your income is the main factor that determines your eligibility for food stamps. If you feel like you need to apply for food stamps, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t exceed the annual and monthly income maximums. Sometimes, you won’t be eligible for food stamps even if your income falls under these maximum amounts. It’s also important to note that the guidelines differ for people who are disabled or elderly – their maximum income allowances are different from those who are of low income.

If it’s determined that you’re eligible for food stamp benefits, there will be a limit placed on how much you receive each month. If you live alone, you may receive no more than $200 per month. However, if there are more people in your household, you could receive more. For example, a family of four people may get more than $650 per month. Typically, the amount you can receive ranges from $200 to over $1,000 based on your household size, but it’s possible that you’ll receive less than the maximum amount for your household. For example, a family of three can receive up to $526 per month, but they may receive less.

The Electronic Benefits Transfer card can be used in stores or at farmers markets. Only certain types of food can be purchased with food stamps, including bread, poultry, seeds to grow food, cereal, vegetables, meat, dairy products and fruits. Many items are restricted and cannot be purchased with food stamps. These items include things like soap, vitamins, paper products, household supplies, wine or beer, pet food, cigarettes or tobacco, and some prepared foods.

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