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Signal Hill Criminal Lawyers

Depending on where you live in Signal Hill, you might find yourself looking out your window and right into the heart of Long Beach. Its close proximity to the ocean and its abundance of major employers make it a popular place for families with small children. Though the area has a low crime rate, white collar crime and other types of crimes are still popular in the city. When you get a call in the middle of the night that a friend or loved one is sitting in jail, hang up the phone and call us to learn more about what comes next.

What is Assault and Battery?

Under California law, those accusing someone of assault and battery must demonstrate that two different actions occurred. Assault doesn’t actually refer to the action of striking someone, but it does refer to the intention that you have to strike someone. An individual can claim that you came at him or her in a threatening manner or used words to impose that threat. The battery portion refers to the action of hitting or striking someone with your body or an object. Assault and battery can refer to domestic violence cases as well.

Internet Crime is on the Rise

Between smartphones, laptop computers, video game consoles and tablets, teens now have more ways than ever before to go online. While you probably don’t think twice when you see your teen laughing at something online, you might want to take a closer look. Internet crime is on the rise all across California, and those crimes often include harassment, stalking and bullying. Teens who use Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites to poke fun at a classmate or spread negative information might find themselves facing criminal charges. Let us help you and your family recover from those charges.

Immigration in California

There are a number of reasons why you might need help with immigration law in Signal Hill. When someone from another person comes into the country for an extended period of time, he or she needs a visa. A travel visa lets that person remain here for a short period of time, and an education visa lets someone remain in the country until he or she finishes school. Those who come into the country illegally and those who stay beyond their visas permit may face criminal charges. We can look at all the factors and find a legal way for a friend or loved one to gain citizenship.

Mortgage Fraud

Many people have no problem lying on their taxes or fudging a little on an official application, but those small lies can cost you big. Did you know that if you help an applicant lie on an official mortgage document, the government can come after you for mortgage fraud? Real estate agents, borrowers, appraisers and anyone else involved in the mortgage process can face similar charges. Lying about income, residency, the value of the home or the employment of the borrower are all lies punishable under a mortgage fraud charge.

Already Convicted of a Crime?

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, but you get more than one chance when it comes to court. Even if a court previously found you guilty of a crime, you have the right to an appeal. When you choose us as your appeal lawyers, we’ll go over your court record with a fine tooth comb, look over all the evidence and even talk to any witnesses involved with the case. This helps us see what your former lawyer missed and what we need to do in court. Once we have that information, we can file an appeal on your behalf. An appeal can wipe all traces of that conviction from your criminal record.

Your family and friends mean more to you than anyone else in the world. When one of your loved ones finds himself or herself in a tricky situation with the law, you need someone who will do whatever it takes to get that person out of that situation. At Farar & Lewis, we have the right lawyer for you. Our familiarity with the Signal Hill court system is just one reason why you should call us.

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