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Selling Synthetic Marijuana in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles and indeed the whole state of California has an interesting relationship with marijuana. It is not like so much of the rest of the country in which the substance is banned (at least for recreational use). California has long had a different stance on marijuana, but even today that stance has opened up a little more.

California has joined Colorado and Washington state as places where the substance is legal for recreational use. This is not to say that there are not a lot of regulations on it, there certainly are. This is why it is still important to understand the law regarding marijuana in Los Angeles.

Workplace Random Drug Testing

The fact remains that many businesses still conduct random drug screenings and can fire an employee who is under the influence of marijuana. That is why some people have started to use something called synthetic marijuana as part of their smoking habits. The substance is also sometimes referred to by the slang terms “K2” or “Spice”.

The purpose of synthetic marijuana is to try to get the same high but without the detection of drug screenings. It is said to work, but there is still a lot that is unknown on an official basis in relation to synthetic marijuana.

The problem with synthetic marijuana is that it is actually illegal to consume, distribute, or sell in California. The legislature passed a law about this after they felt that there were too many unknowns about synthetic marijuana to allow its legal use out on the streets. They want to have it tested more significantly, but they would also like to see people not using it at all. They feel this way because it is so hard to detect on those drug screenings. They would prefer to deal with something that they could easily have read on the drug screenings.

The Crime Of Synthetic Marijuana

It is pretty straightforward as to what is a crime when it comes to synthetic marijuana in the state of California. It is illegal to sell, distribute, or consume synthetic marijuana in California. The laws actually define many of the chemical compounds that one may use or mix up to mimic the impacts of marijuana on whatever synthetic drug they are attempting to cook up as it were. They are not allowed to do this under California law.

These Laws Are New

It is important to understand that synthetic versions of marijuana were largely available to whomever wanted them in the various dispensaries around the state. However, the legislature jumped in and banned these substances after public concern began to rise about how these substances might impact a person. The worry about abuse of these drugs was serious, and that led to many people wanting them taken off the markets. That is exactly what happened in California.

Remember, just because a law is new does not mean that you are off the hook for following it. You must still follow the letter of the law even if you do not fully understand it or where not aware of it until this moment. As they always say, “ignorance of the law is no defense”. You cannot claim that you just didn’t know and expect to get away with anything.


It is a misdemeanor offense to sell synthetic marijuana in California. The maximum penalty that a person may face is up to six months in county jail. That may not seem like that big of a penalty compared to other crimes, but that is still a long time to be in jail over simply selling something that had previously been legal.

It is so very important to understand the extent of the trouble that you could get yourself into if you are not careful with this kind of thing. The state of California is really cracking down on offenders, and you do not want to put yourself on that list. You can avoid those issues by being aware of the law and trying to adapt to it when it changes.

Hire A Lawyer To Provide A Valid Defense

There are strong defenses that a person can put up against this kind of charge. They can claim things like entrapment for example. This is not to say that it will work every time, but there are plenty of individuals who have successfully used this defense to get themselves out of charges of having sold synthetic marijuana in the state of California.

The best thing to do is to obtain a lawyer who has a bit of experience in this area of the law. You want someone who seems to be up to date on the latest changes in marijuana law as they come down from the state legislature. That is the kind of attorney that you know will fight for you.

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