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Santa Monica Criminal Lawyers

Felony charges levelled against you in Santa Monica put you at a big risk of losing your liberty, even your life. Criminal cases might be as simple as trespass, or as serious as murder. These cases arise whenever we make decisions that land us in trouble. When this happens, most of us think that we can get through on our own, which is not true at all. You need a criminal defense lawyer by your side to get a fair hearing and a positive outcome.

Santa Monica criminal lawyers are experts in criminal law. They understand the system and have the experience to help you with the process. Here are reasons why you need Farar & Lewis LLP to defend you:

We Help Reduce the Punishment

It doesn’t matter whether you are guilty of the charge levelled against you or not: we try to reduce the severity of the charges to minimum. In a criminal case, the decision of the court is either to sentence you to prison or to impose a heavy fine on you. Whatever the decision, we try to make it manageable for you.

However, you need to hire us the moment you know that you are a suspect in a criminal case. This enables us to collect and organize all the evidence to build a strong case in your favor. The strength of the defense we come up with is what determines whether we shall be able to reduce your punishment in case you are found guilty or not.

We have been in the system for decades, which means we understand the court system well. We know the court officials and the prosecutor who will handle your case. This makes it possible for us to negotiate deals and plead with the court to lessen your punishment.

We Investigate the Case for You

Investigation is not a simple matter. It needs someone who knows how to probe and the questions to ask to get the right answers. We have handled many investigations before, and we know what to do in any investigation. We take time to investigate the case critically using advanced technology and investigative techniques. Once we have the information we need, we employ various resources to arrange the evidence to defend your rights.

We Understand the Legal Process

We have studied law extensively, and we have put it into practice for many years. It therefore makes sense for you to have one of our experts beside you. We take time to explain the charges brought against you, the process the case will go through, and what to expect. Once you understand these aspects, you can prepare yourself for what comes next.

We Represent you in Court

Did you know that there are specific processes to be followed while in court? As if that is not enough, a given language has to be used while in court to communicate with the judge and the prosecutor. Only a seasoned criminal defense lawyer knows this language.
One of the critical times you need our representation is when the case starts. We communicate in such a way that you are seen in the best light possible by the judge, the jury and the prosecutor.

We Give You Peace of Mind

Your conviction is not a private affair: it affects your family, colleagues and friends. The case also affects your future, that of your family and even your career. When this happens, you need someone who understands your situation objectively. We stick by your side, however long the case takes. Therefore, during this devastating time of your life, you know that there is an expert next to you, trying to make things right.

We Reduce the Negativity Associated with the Case

During representation, we introduce information that helps reduce charges brought against you. You might be guilty, but we find aspects of the case that will help detract some negativity that surrounds the mistake you made.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, we have perfected the art of handling criminal cases. We have invested in research and streamlined the process so that you can handle the case quickly, get a fair hearing and proceed with your life.

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