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Santa Fe Springs Criminal Lawyers

Typically, the general public does not have a solid-grasp understanding the judicial system serving the, and can become very confused when confronted with a criminal incident or case. Hiring a Santa Fe Springs Criminal attorney, who has been regarded as one of the leading authorities in law and justice–to defend your case will ease your mind and make you more comfortable, while shedding light to the legal system pertaining to your situation. As your criminal attorneys, we will clarify the process, giving you information and detail of what you may be facing and possible outcome when you step inside the courtroom.


With recurrent work within the courts, we have developed professional relationships with its staff and employees of as well as judges presiding over the cases we defend. As your Santa Fe Springs Criminal Lawyer, we know the judges, prosecutors, clerks, bailiff as well as the police officers who may have handled you case. This permits us insight into what to expect, and removing much possibility of surprise. Moreover, the relationships we have developed with court employees will be of an asset to your case through ways of plea bargains, reduction of penalties along with fair treatment.


If not an expert in criminal practice, it is virtually impossible to assess a case and know the outcome and possibilities. Even with basic knowledge of the law, a non-attorney should never defend their own case. As skilled attorneys, we capable of reviewing your case while determining any strengths and weakness and the proper course to continue with your case. However more importantly, we are trained to use the strengths provided in your specific case to return the most favorable outcome possible.


A prosecutor’s business is achieve convictions, in a timely manner. Unrepresented defendants make the prosecutor’s job extremely easy, as there is good change they will ensure the client pleads guilty and case is closed. Even when all evidence may be against you, we will work with the prosecutors, whom we have relationships with, to deal the most favorable result possible and avoid and costly trials


The prosecution requires evidence in order to convict you of a crime. The police are skillful at obtaining verbal evidence from defendants, whether the defendant knows that they are providing information and evidence or not. If you are unaware of the questioning as well as the reason behind it, you could certainly be eliciting some incriminating details or information. You’ll need attorney with you to halt any questioning that may harm your case.


In many instances a defendant has spoken to police prior to consulting an attorney. Throughout that dialog, the police are capable of obtaining damaging information and evidence in regards to the case against them. This material, if unchecked, could be upsetting to a case. We have the ability to have information blocked or at least shed perspective to the information, permitting the least amount of harm to your defense as possible.


We consider ourselves to be your legal adviser, however we are also a confidante throughout a difficult time. As attorneys, we worked cases with a diverse clientele, and we understand the stress as well as anxiety that you may be feeling. We are able to offer guidance and advice to comfort. But primarily, we are bound to confidentiality, so nothing you discuss can be disclosed without your prior approval and permission.


As Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, Farar & Lewis LLP, has more 70 combined years of skill, litigating and defending, on behalf of individuals throughout California. Our firm is based out of Los Angeles, with offices located in San Diego. We defend those accused of crimes, get the criminal defense they require to safeguard their future.

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