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Santa Clarita Criminal Lawyers

Home to more than 175,000 people, Santa Clarita ranks as one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County. While you can spend years living in the city without experiencing a single problem, it only takes one mistake for you to find yourself behind bars. As one of the leading law firms in California, we have the skills and experience needed to work things out with the prosecuting attorney before you find yourself in court, but we can also defend you in that courtroom. Learn more about the types of charges you might face and how we can help.

Counterfeiting Purses and Other Items

Due to its proximity to Beverly Hills, you might find a number of counterfeit items for sale in your area. Watching as others make money selling might make you think that it’s an easy and simple way to make some extra cash for yourself. According to California law, manufacturing and/or distributing counterfeit items is a felony crime that carries with it a term in prison and a high fine. The original manufacturers of those items can also bring charges against you in a civil court. Let us take care of things before your case reaches this point.

Sex Crimes and Similar Charges

While flipping through the channels, you might come across “Law & Order: SVU” or another television show about sex crimes and think you’ll never need to worry about that. Though many people find it hard to believe, sex crimes actually cover a large number of acts. Saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing at work can lead to a sexual harassment charge, and inappropriately touching another person can lead to a sexual assault charge. We help people recover when the police charge them with rape, sexual assault, statutory rape and a host of other sexual crimes.

Criminal Conspiracy

The next time that you and a close friend or a loved one joke around about robbing a bank, murdering someone or another crime, you might want to stop and think about who is around you. California defines a criminal conspiracy as a crime that occurs when two people make plans to commit a crime together. Conspiracy charges can also occur when an individual unknowingly commits a crime with another person. If you drove the car when a friend robbed a store, you might be guilty of conspiracy and being an accessory, even if you didn’t know about the crime beforehand.

Do You Carry Drug Paraphernalia with You?

Though California is one of several states that legalized the use of medical marijuana, it’s also one of several states that has some harsh laws on the books for those caught possessing drug paraphernalia. After just one charge, you face six months in jail and a fine of $1,000. The state defines paraphernalia as pipes, needles, cocaine spoons and any other objects used for snorting, injecting or otherwise using prescription or illegal drugs. Even if you didn’t know the object was on your person, you may still find yourself fighting for your freedom in court.

Is Robbery and Burglary the Same Thing?

Robbery and burglary are two different crimes under California law. Burglary occurs when you break into a home or building and steal objects from that property. Santa Clarita can also charge you with breaking and entering. Robbery is a different type of crime that involves some type of violent action, including you threatening another person before robbing him or her or you physically hurting that person in a robbery attempt. If you used any type of weapon to commit the crime, you’re guilty of armed robbery, which carries a higher prison term than a simple robbery charge does.

Depending on the crime you committed in Santa Clarita, the penalties can range from fines in the five to six figure range and time in a county jail or state prison. No matter what the charges are, you shouldn’t resign yourself to spending the future in a prison cell. Farar & Lewis will be your best friend during your court proceedings. We can help you from the moment the police knock on your door to the day you walk back in and give your family a hug.

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