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San Marino Criminal Lawyers

San Marino, California is the type of city that people spend years dreaming about moving to or living in because of its amazing location. As part of Los Angeles County, it’s the kind of city where celebrities rub elbows with some of the richest men in the world. Ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the country, most starter homes start at $1 million or more. While this might make you feel safe and at ease, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Whether you find yourself in legal hot water, or a family member has a run in with the law, the attorneys working for us here at Farar & Lewis know what comes next.

Burglary and Related Crimes

Burglary, also known as breaking and entering, is a crime that people often confuse with robbery. If you rob someone, you threaten that person with a potentially violent act before taking money, a wallet, purse or other items. If you commit burglary, you deliberately break into a building in the hopes of stealing property from that building. Depending on the actions that you took, a burglary charge might carry additional charges of vandalism, theft, trespassing and other crimes.

Is a Misdemeanor Bad?

Due to its high cost of living and positive reputation, those living in San Marino will more likely face misdemeanor charges than felony charges. A felony charge most often occurs when the crime involved two or more components or was more serious in nature. For example, a misdemeanor vandalism charge might occur when a teen spray paints the side of a building. If that teen broke into the building first or committed another crime, the crime will most carry a felony charge with it. While a misdemeanor charge isn’t necessarily as bad as a felony charge, it can still severely impact your life.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery is one of the few felony crimes in California that consists of two separate components. The first is the assault component, which refers to any threats that you gave before acting. This can include physically moving towards someone, verbally threatening an individual or simply behaving in a manner that made that person feel threatened. The action that you did to that person is the battery charge. The state can drop one or both charges, but it won’t happen overnight. You need someone you trust to stand by your side and speak for you in court.

Who are Guilty of Internet Crimes?

Anyone who uses the Internet to commit an illegal act is guilty of an Internet crime, but Internet crimes also include crimes that can only occur over an Internet-enabled device. Cyber bullying is a common charge leveled against high school and college students. These students feel that because no one knows who they are that they can use the Internet to harass and belittle others. Many California police departments now have professional computer experts who track down those guilty of Internet crimes and pass along their information to prosecuting attorneys.

Sexual Crimes in San Marino

You can’t possibly look at the identification of each person you sleep with or have sexual contact with before the contact occurs, but you also can’t use the defense of “she looked older” in the courtroom. Under California law, statutory rape is an act that occurs between two people when one person is under the age of 17. If there are fewer than three years separating you, the court may drop the charge to a misdemeanor. Other sexual crimes that we can defend you against include rape, gross sexual imposition, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Though San Marino is a great place to live, the risk of crime is always there. No matter how careful you are or how much time you spend teaching your children right from wrong, you never know what they do when you aren’t standing over their shoulders. Whenever you or your family has a problem with the law, you need to know where to turn. While we can’t be there to hold your hand every hour of the day, we can fight for your rights and make you feel more confident that you can face your charges.

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