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San Gabriel Criminal Lawyers

If you’re in trouble, it’s in your best interest to hire the best team of criminal defense lawyers you can if you’re facing a substantial criminal penalty or potential prison time. A well-established, expert team such as the Los Angeles-based Farar & Lewis law firm can identify certain arguments and key factors that could significantly mitigate or even negate an alleged crime in some cases. Simply put, hiring a professional San Gabriel attorney to properly represent you is an absolute necessity for your criminal trial.

The many tasks of a criminal defense lawyer include calling forth witnesses for your defense and cross-examining important witnesses that the prosecution presents. Here are some of the other duties that a proficient criminal defense lawyer performs on your behalf:

• Negotiates Deals

Your defense attorney works with both you and the prosecutor to come up with a plausible deal on your behalf. These deals, otherwise known as ‘plea bargains’, often facilitate reducing your possible sentence or eliminate all of or some of the charges against you.

• Hires Investigators

A defense lawyer locates and hires investigators that not only investigate the alleged crime, but also the key witnesses that the prosecution intends to call to the witness stand. If these expert investigators can find important evidence that may potentially make the testimony of a witness less believable, this could put ‘doubt’ in the minds of the jurors and tremendously help the outcome of your case.

• Optimal Sentencing

Defense lawyers determine good sentencing programs relative to their clients. In the event you’re found guilty, your criminal defense lawyer can possibly modify your sentence in such a way that it would likely prevent you from ending back up in the criminal justice system. For example, instead of spending 10 months in prison, your lawyer may recommend that you only go to prison for 6 months and spend the other 4 months in a professional drug treatment facility in order to assist you with your chemical dependency issues that got you into trouble to begin with.

• Legal Rules and Regulations Information

It’s also the job of your criminal defense attorney to point out any significant legal rules and regulations that you’re likely unaware of in the San Gabriel area. For instance, if you foolishly decide to represent yourself in court, you may be completely unaware if the search the police conducted in your home was actually lawful or not without knowing the several intricacies and nuances that involve the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

• Emotional Support

A good criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate the many emotions you’ll inevitably experience while going through the process of a criminal trial. Defendants are often fearful, depressed, and embarrassed in criminal prosecutions and may also have low-esteem as well.

• Explanation and Ramifications of Pleading Guilty

Your defense lawyer will point out some of the hidden expenses that invariably come with a plea of guilty. Several self-representing defendants don’t think about the actual consequences of pleading guilty if it leads to a shorter sentence. For instance, if you decide to plead guilty, you could find it very difficult to find a job once your punishment is over.

• Gather Evidence

Your attorney will gather evidence and various statements from certain witnesses that the prosecution intends to call to the witness stand. Understandably, several witnesses refuse to provide information or statements to individuals that were allegedly linked to a crime for fear of their safety or the safety of their family. But, these same witnesses are frequently much more willing to volunteer key information to an expert lawyer concerning their imminent testimony.

• Navigate the Case

Your San Gabriel attorney will navigate your case through the California state legal system where it’s being heard. Along with written rules, including the local area rules of court that must be adhered to and followed, often there are several ‘unwritten rules’ that apply to each jurisdiction. For instance, if only some prosecutors can make and subsequently approve plea bargains, your defense attorney can likely save you time (perhaps even jail time) by interacting with the right person in the first place.

• Reality Check

As painful and frustrating as a criminal trial may be on you, your experienced defense lawyer sees the bigger picture of what’s going on and is able to remain focused and objective during the proceeding much better than you can. Your lawyer will give you a reality check by giving you the best possible advice on whether or not you should ideally accept a plea bargain or try for a better outcome.

Talk to the experienced professionals at the law firm of Farar & Lewis in Los Angeles to determine the best course of action to take concerning your defense.

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