San Bernardino – Riverside County lawyers for nurses

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2020

San Bernardino/Riverside nurses know they need to pass a state exam to obtain a license to become a nurse in California, but they’re not always aware they need an attorney. It happens that many nurses don’t have one on hand, and it’s a mistake. It takes years of education and hard work to become a nurse in Los Angeles, and it takes very little for a nurse to lose her license, end up with her reputation tarnished, or end up unemployed. With so many laws in place to protect patients, businesses, and doctors, nurses often find themselves at the raw end of a bad situation, and an attorney is their only hope.

Why Does a San Bernardino/Riverside Nurse Require an Attorney?

1. A nurse is a convicted criminal: Nurses who operate in the medical field with a criminal conviction are subject to investigation. It’s not permitted for a nurse to have a criminal conviction on record. Even if the arrest has nothing to do with his or her job, the nurse will lose their license if they are convicted of a crime.

2. A nurse is negligent while working with a patient: Negligence can happen in any situation. If a nurse is negligent in properly administering medication to a patient, recording incorrect information on a patient’s chart, or even handling a patient without the right form of care for her age or size, they are considered negligent and can lose their license. They can also face fines, prison time, and a lawsuit filed by the person who was the subject of their negligence or the family of a patient.

3. Substance Abuse: One of the ethical oaths a nurse takes before they are given a state license is to avoid using drugs or abusing alcohol. There is no law stating a nurse can’t enjoy a glass of wine when she’s home and enjoying her time off, but she cannot ethically come to work while still drunk or buzzed. Substance abusers face probation, a suspended license, and potential criminal charges if their patient is harmed because of his or her drinking or drug use on the job.

4. Unprofessional Conduct: Nurses are required to provide a certain standard of care to anyone who comes into their office or hospital as a patient. Whether that patient is a drug addict or a child who fell off a slide, they are to receive the same level of care. If someone suspects they are being discriminated against due to their lack of insurance, their race, gender, religious beliefs, personal beliefs, or because they are a criminal, it is grounds for discrimination suits. It’s required nurses offer the same standard of care to all patients every time.

5. Diversion of Controlled Substances: If a nurse is caught disbursing prescription drugs or narcotics to patients illegally, dealing them to their friends, or stealing them from their office, they are going to lose their license and become the subject of an investigation.

Nurses who are faced with their own legal questions might want an attorney of their own. A nurse who has a problem with a doctor, is the subject of sexual abuse or harassment by a coworker or patient, or a nurse who wants to understand their employment contract on a more in-depth level might want to obtain the use of an attorney who specializes in nurses and their rights. Nurses are required to provide their patients with quality care, and distraction from potential legal issues and questions makes that difficult.

If a nurse is the subject of an investigation because of a complaint, they want an attorney. Any complaint a nurse is found guilty of committing could result in the loss of their professional license, fines, and even prison time.

Nurses need attorneys. They need an attorney who works within the medical field who is familiar with medical law, ethics, and California nursing practices. Without an attorney like this on hand, nurses put their entire future at risk. No legal issue should be dealt with without being discussed with an attorney first, no matter how quickly someone says they want to handle the situation with a nurse.