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Rolling Hills Criminal Lawyers

No person ever wants to leave their legal defense to chance when faced with the possibility of jail time. If a person doesn’t have access to effective counsel when charged for a crime, one can expect to face high fines and significant jail time. Rolling Hills criminal lawyers can make a difference when it comes to preventing stiff legal penalties from interfering with a person’s ability to live an impactful life.

Criminal defense

A criminal defense attorney is very important when one has been arrested. Not having the right criminal lawyer can put one at risk for stiffer penalties for small offenses like minor traffic violations. Individuals who are at risk of being prosecuted for serious crimes have a lot at stake. Prosecutors will be mounting an aggressive defense to pursue the stiffest penalties for the defendant, so it’s important to have proper representation.

DUI and DMV hearings

DUI and DMV hearings are critical for a person who has been arrested for a DUI. If the person hasn’t been properly represented, there is a risk for losing driving privileges, which could affect job opportunities and earning potential. Working with an experienced DUI attorney can save you money on fines and reduce sentencing requirements.

Drug crimes

Drug crimes are also a problem for those arrested on charges due to the strict punishments for those at risk of doing significant jail time. As a suspect, you can be arrested on suspicion of having drugs without an appropriate prescription. Depending on the class the drug falls, you could be facing serious time. With so many variables like quantity and category affecting your jail time, you want to avoid facing significant time at all.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes like weapons offenses and reckless homicide are complex legal matters. A range of statutes and applicable laws can quickly set you up for a very long sentence in prison. You simply cannot risk leaving your freedom in anyone’s hands. You must work with an experienced attorney that can provide you with the sound legal counsel you need to avoid serious jail time.

Parole and probation violation

Violating your parole is a serious offense because it can land you right back in prison. In order to have your rights respected, you should have a qualified criminal defense attorney at your hearing. This will prevent you from facing maximum time if found guilty of the offense. It can also be beneficial in challenging the assertion that you actually violated those terms.

Sex crimes

Sex crimes always require the expertise of an experienced lawyer who has worked a number of years in a given field. If a person is convicted, the individual stands to serve an incredibly long sentence than one would for other types of crimes. Prosecutors are aggressively going after those guilty of possession of pornography or accused of crimes like people trafficking. Having a lawyer on board before being officially charged is incredibly important.

Theft crimes

Theft crimes can have a greater impact on a person’s future employment opportunities. If there are multiple penalties, there can be stiffer penalties. Skilled attorneys can diligently work to prevent serious penalties from landing on your criminal record.

Juvenile crimes

Juveniles frequently get the short end of the stick when it comes to the juvenile court system. Stiff penalties and a complex legal system make it nearly impossible for the juvenile to successfully resolve without the right representation in place. Juvenile defense attorneys will help your loved one get their records expunged once the legal matter is successfully resolved. This is incredibly important for a teen that is planning to attend college later on in life.

Make sure that you have the right legal defense in place as soon as you are charged. If at all possible, make sure that you are prepared with legal counsel before you are even charged with the crime. No person should ever be in a place where they are unsure of whether or not they are adequately prepared if charged with a serious offense.

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