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Red Light Camera Ticket Lawyers

Should You Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket?

In recent years, there has been a new development in the laws surrounding the running of red lights at intersections. This new development has occurring with the new photo automated enforcement regulations. On the street, you’ll hear the concept referred to as the inception of the red light camera. Red light cameras take pictures of cars that come through intersections as the light in their direction is red. The cameras are often perched up high in the intersection, and most people hardly notice that they are there. The camera not only takes a photo of the car itself and the license plate, but it also gets a photo of the driver in the car. Soon after the picture is taken, the car owner will receive a citation in the mail. In a perfect world, this citation is only sent out once the owner of the car’s driver’s license photo is compared to the photo of the person in the red light camera picture by a police officer.

The Driver Should Be the Responsible Party

Something to keep in mind with these tickets is that the driver is generally the one who is supposed to take care of the ticket. The owner of the car is not liable. If you are the owner of a car and have received a citation that says you ran a red light and need to pay, make sure you check the photo. In some states, you are supposed to receive a copy of the photo in the mail along with your citation. In other states, you will need to request the photos. If you had loaned your car to a friend or relative and it is that person in the photo, they should be liable to pay the expense.

Bring Up The Question of Technological Error

If you would like to fight a red light camera citation, you could bring up the question of whether or not there was a technological error. Sometimes, these red light camera devices do not work properly, and it’s worth checking out. In a trial, it is required that either a state prosecutor, a police officer or some other representative of the government prove that the red light camera device was and is working properly. At the trial, this representative of the government is also required to show the photos. The picture of the person on trial must be easily identifiable in the photograph, and the representative should show the picture alongside a picture of the person’s driver’s license so that the court can see the resemblance as well. Lastly, there must be clear and obvious photos of the license plate.

Other Possible Defenses

There are a few other defenses you can make to fight a red light camera ticket. In some states, it is required that there are obvious visible signs that tell drivers of police enforcement by way of red light cameras in the area. You could also argue the ticket if you were running the red light to avoid a serious accident nearby that was not photographed. Remember, don’t just pay these tickets as soon as they arrive in the mail. Think critically about the citation’s validity.

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