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Reasonable Cause and a Los Angeles DUI Arrest

This is one of the few important questions you might consider asking yourself. What is the significance of the reasonable doubt had to do for you when it comes to the DUI arrest? This question has convicted and acquainted and convicted many who have been involved in the DUI arrest cases. It is also important that you understand that your DUI cases rely so much on the reasonable doubt. In fact, you cannot have the DUI case without the reasonable doubt altogether. The reasonable doubt can also lead to the dismissal of the DUI case as it is an important part of the arrest. It can work for your good if it is used appropriately.

When the police officer asks you to pull over your vehicle in the middle of a highway, they must have had reasonable doubt to do the same. This is the first significance of reasonable doubt when it comes to your DUI case. There are also some expectations of this rule when it comes to the law. In a majority of cases, however, there is a reasonable cause that made the police officer decide to pull you over. If there were no reasonable doubt, then the case would not be significant before the court of law. This is the same way the case is dismissed when there is no reasonable doubt as to why the case does not have proper evidence.

To learn more about the significance of reasonable doubt in your DUI case, let us take an example of the implication of the same in a DUI arrest.

Let us assume that a person by the name Oliver is a United States police officer based in Los Angeles police station. In this case, Oliver is parking his vehicle on an off-ramp shoulder while he is trying to view the oncoming traffic for a traffic offense in the region. While Oliver is on duty at the station, he notes a driver is driving with unparalleled misconduct. Oliver asks the driver to pull over his car as he notes that he is overspending. He does this while he has the legal rights and reasonable doubt that he is making a mistake. If they are running the red light, Oliver also asks the driver to pull over his vehicle. Sometimes his work is to see a swerving vehicle to pull them over as it is a mistake in the traffic offenses. All the reasons for pulling over the vehicle as mentioned above are all reasonable causes of doubt that can lead to arrest.

Oliver has all the legal rights to ask a driver whose car has no headlights to pull over as it is also part of the mistakes that lead to a conviction in the country. He can also as someone with illegal tint on their car to pull over. When someone is trying to pull out of a bar, Oliver has the rights to pull their cars over as it is an indication of a traffic offense. If he believes that they are dunk while driving, Oliver can pull their car over. All these are part of the reasonable doubts that came into Oliver’s mind to pull cars over.

Let us also consider that Oliver sees someone trying to pull out of a bar and tells them to pull over. The reason that led him to pull the people over was just that he thought they were drunk. Based on his whim, he pulls them over as much as pulling over the bar is not a crime. This is not one of the predictable causes of action. In this case, Oliver may decide to subject the driver to field tests and finds that the driver was driving the car while drunk. The tests revealed that the driver was at .12 blood alcohol content in his body while driving. Unfortunately, this evidence is not admissible as he obtained the sample without following the correct procedures.

It is a violation of the driver’s rights by asking them to pull over. The constitutional rights to drivers must be taken on a serious note.

If a police officer might have violated your rights, and you are stopped without enough evidence or reasonable doubt, your case can be dismissed. It is, therefore, important to seek the defense of an experienced Los Angeles DUI Attorney to represent your interests in a court of law.

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