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Rancho Palos Verdes Criminal Lawyers

If you have been charged with a crime, it is important that you get the best legal counsel that you can find. This is because your future may be on the line as the legal case against you unfolds. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, selling or possessing controlled substances or any other crime, you have the right to a zealous defense.

Judges and Prosecutors Respect Our Track Record

A lawyer who has a successful track record in the courtroom are going to be taken seriously each time that they argue a case. While that does not guarantee a victory or any other outcome in a case, it may increase the odds of having a charge dropped or reduced through a plea bargain. If your attorney does not walk into the courtroom confident that he or she can win a case or get a positive outcome, you need to find someone else. The good news is that our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to feel good about your chances in court.

Our Experience May Help Obtain a Positive Outcome in Your Case

Trial law is built largely around previous decisions and what may seem to be obscure rulings when they are made. However, knowing how case law has been applied in the past can be a way to win your case right now. It could be the difference between having a key piece of evidence admitted into the courtroom or having it shielded completely from the eyes of the jury. That one piece of evidence could be the difference between a conviction or a case being thrown out of court for lack of evidence against the defendant.

We Fight for Your Rights

Regardless of how a case against a client looks, that client is entitled to a full defense and an attorney who will fight for that client until the end. If you are facing several years in jail or the possibility of losing your children due to a conviction, you want to know that your attorney is not going to give up or ask for a plea bargain at the first sign of trouble. An experienced attorney knows how to get a favorable situation for a client regardless of how the case is going. By working with our attorneys, you can feel confident that we will treat this case like we were the ones on trial.

We Are Local and Accessible

It is possible that a case could take months or even years to be resolved. As the case goes through the legal process, you may have questions or concerns about how things are being handled. Since we are a local firm, we are accessible to the people who we serve and are available to answer your questions. We understand that not knowing what is happening can sometimes be worse than being accused of a crime.

When your marriage, career and financial future are on the line, you need someone who is going to stand up for you. Our knowledgeable, experienced and accessible criminal lawyers are going to give you the best possible defense for your money. Although no outcome can be guaranteed in a particular case, a good lawyer makes it more likely that you will get an outcome that you like.

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