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Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Psychologists DUI in Los Angeles

Certain professions require more of their professionals than just a degree. There is a code of conduct that must also be adhered to. Naturally, psychologists are expected to be mentally sound and good members of the community. A DUI charge and/or conviction can gravely affect their reputation and even their career. The California Board of Psychology, or BOP, keeps a watchful eye on those people who practice psychology with a license. It’s because of this that Los Angeles DUI lawyers often encounter a DUI charge against a psychologist that needs to be handled with extra care.

The consequences are always serious but they can range from probation to complete termination or revocation of a psychologist’s license in the event that they’re found guilty of a DUI. Los Angeles DUI attorneys fight fiercely to protect their psychologist clients from this type of severe action and in many cases can even get a case thrown out so that no disciplinary is taken. It all depends on the severity of the charges and the evidence to support those charges. If you’re a psychologist who is charged with a DUI, you face not just criminal charges but possible disciplinary action. It’s important to get in touch with a Los Angeles DUI attorney that knows how to handle your specific case.

What happens after you’re arrested is that your arrest information will be auto-forwarded to the BOP for investigation. There is no need for self-reporting because they automatically get this info and begin to determine the next course of action. This is where Los Angeles DUI lawyers can intervene on your half and begin to work their magic. The only time self-reporting is necessary is when you’re applying for a new license or renewing an old one. In this case, you would need to disclose that you are currently fighting a DUI charge or have recently been convicted of one. Few people know this but it’s possible for the BOP to deny someone a license to practice psychology based on their criminal history. In most ways, psychologists should be exemplary citizens of healthy, rational living. A DUI conviction certainly doesn’t fit into this mold.

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, a possible list of penalties can be frightening to look at. They go all the way up to never being able to practice psychology again with a license, although this is rarely something that happens with a first offense DUI. However, a case that is not just a DUI case but also a manslaughter case that came about because of the DUI can certainly lead to losing a license.

The important thing to remember is that you need a lawyer on your side. Don’t go into this battle alone. It’s overwhelming enough to continue to practice your profession knowing a DUI charge is hanging over your head. Don’t take things upon yourself and add to the burden of the charge. Hire a compassionate lawyer who will do their best to help you with any personal issues you are struggling with so that you can practice psychology in the most legal, professional way possible during your ordeal.

Rehabilitation is a frequent consequence of a DUI charge. The BOP will often ask you to seek help for a drinking problem. DUIs are generally seen as a sign of a larger problem, so don’t expect to simply pay a court fine and move on. You’ll be expected to get some treatment in the majority of the cases, although a lawyer can help you avoid this if it is absolutely detrimental to your profession and personal life. The Board reviewing you will look at the amount of injury caused in your DUI incident, how much you had to drink, and other factors before making an assessment on what the penalty to you should be. You’ll get an administrative hearing assigned to you so that you can tell your side of the story before any action is taken against your license. You’re also entitled to appeals.

If you’re convicted, the consequences are of course going to be greater. If you haven’t been hired for a psychology job yet, things become even more complicated and you might have trouble even obtaining employment, not just keeping it. A competent, caring lawyer helps in this instance especially. Perhaps the most overwhelming part is that aside from what the BOP applies to your situation, you also face criminal consequences such as losing your license, having to attend lengthy driving education courses, and hefty court fines that can be a financial burden in the middle of employment problems.

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