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Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Potential Consequences of a Los Angeles DUI Conviction

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Your prior DUI convictions and charges can play a part in the sentence that you receive. Even if you haven’t been charged or convicted in the past, there are a few different possible consequences that you could face when you go to court. Sometimes, it’s best to accept the outcome and try to arrange a plea deal for the conviction instead of letting the scene play out in court. Another component that could impact the type of sentence that you receive is whether there was any kind of property damage or any injuries because of your driving under the influence.

One of the consequences of a DUI conviction is probation. This type of sentence is usually reserved for those who haven’t been in trouble in the past. The length of time varies depending on the initial sentence that is given by the judge. Most of the time, you’ll spend about three to five years on probation. You will sometimes start off on one level of probation that involves drug and alcohol testing before being moved to a level that isn’t as intense. If there are injuries or any property damage, then you could spend a year to three years in prison. This is a sentence that is sometimes given to those who have a criminal history as well.

With any DUI conviction, you will probably be subjected to fines that need to be paid. These fines can include everything from restitution to any victims to fines that need to be paid to get your license reinstated. Some judges will order that you attend an alcohol rehabilitation class or educational classes that teach you about the responsibilities associated with drinking. Your license could be suspended. This type of punishment is sometimes given to those who have a history of several DUI convictions. You will likely need to attend classes, pay fines and wait for a certain period before your license is reinstated. An ignition lock can be placed on your vehicle. This is a device that prevents you from starting the car if you have been drinking. There are also devices that will prevent you from starting the car after a certain time of the day if you are on probation. Aside from consequences that involve your freedom, there are also consequences that you need to think about regarding your insurance. Your rates can increase, and some companies will stop providing coverage if you have been convicted of a DUI.

These are only a few possible consequences of being convicted of a DUI. Other issues that are involved could lead to higher fines, longer time in jail or longer time on probation. There is a range of sentencing in Los Angeles. The judge will look at all the evidence that is presented in the case. Therefore, it’s best to have an attorney present in court who can fight for your freedom so that you can make the changes necessary to stop drinking and driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of other drugs.

One of the things that can impact your sentence is your blood alcohol level. A higher level will mean a stiffer consequence. If you’re in an accident while under the influence, then this will play a large part in your conviction. It’s more likely that you will spend time in jail if there is an injury, damage to property or a death involved than if you were to simply be stopped for drinking under the influence. Speeding is another factor that the judge will look at when deciding your consequence. There are designated speeds on the roads in Los Angeles and certain speeds that you can get by with traveling over those set limits. However, if you’re traveling 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, then this can be considered excessive and punishable by severe consequences. The same thing goes for your blood alcohol level. Once you reach a certain level, the consequences are usually higher than if you are within a minimal blood alcohol level range as determined by the city or state.

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