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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Potential Consequences for a Los Angeles DUI

If a police officer pulls your car over it does not mean that you have committed a crime. All it means is that you have are being called upon to dismiss the suspicion that you are not driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is the duty of the police officers to pull you over in a traffic case because they must have noted something with your driving patterns. When the police officer notes irregularities that arise from your driving skills, they will pull you over for an interrogation session. This does not mean that they have found you guilty even if you are driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

When a police officer seeks more proficiency when it comes to your case, it is an indication that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. Police officers are hired to watch over the irregular drivers who drink and drive. Certain cases can arise when the police officer arrests you when you don’t have any evidence that can incriminate you. This means that you will not face the charges as they will be dismissed at the DMV hearing. Therefore, your case does not end when you are arrested. It ends when you are in a court of law.

Many things are noted by the police officers that make them pull you over. Sometimes, they can pull you over when they see you overlapping unsafely. Most people who drink and drive think that is a safe way of driving. While this is true, the police officers know what takes place before you are arrested. Therefore, they will ask you to pull over to collect any evidence that you were drinking while driving. If the officers find you out of the car while drunk, they have no right to arrest you as they did not call you over after drinking.

The police officer will collect the evidence that you were driving while drinking and present the case to a prosecutor. The prosecutor’s office analyzes the evidence to see if it can proceed to court. At the court, you will be tried for the alleged charges. If you are found guilty, you will face charges. However, you will be acquainted for any charges that may arise from your case. After conviction, there are several consequences you might face.

The Alcohol Education Class
There are some classes the court will ask you to complete to be fit for the road regarding alcohol education. You can have it reduced to only three months with the help of a legitimate Los Angeles DUI attorney from six months. This is the power of a lawyer when it comes to your DUI case. The alcoholic anonymous classes accompany These classes. You must show that you finished the classes before a criminal court of law or a DMV hearing.

Assessment and Penalties
There is a fine that the court issues you when finding guilty. Because the court adds some penalties and fines, the total amount can be more than three times the initial fine stated in the document. The court will also issue a date to finish the payment. They will also set up a payment plan if you explain that you will not complete the process in due time. Moreover, you may be allowed to serve in the community if you don’t pay the fine promptly.

Probation is part of the litigation commencement. You will also be entitled to a three-year summary probation if found guilty of committing the crime. A probation officer will have you check in to assess your progress. While you are on probation, the summary probation officer requires that you don’t break any laws. You will have a probation violation charge if you do so. You will receive a new sentence after appearing in court.

License Suspension
You may have an affected status if you are not a United States citizen. It is a good idea to have an immigration attorney to assist you in your case.

Professional License Suspension
Many boards of professionals will require that you report the DUI offense to have an assessment for any further action to be taken. The California State Bar Association will have the facts tabled.

These are a few consequences of the conviction to face after the DUI conviction. Consulting a DUI Los Angeles attorney is the best way to minimize the chances of facing these penalties.

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