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Pico Rivera Dui Lawyers

At Farar and Lewis, we understand how bad things can happen to normally good people. Even in the quaint little city of Pico Rivera, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble if you are arrested for a DUI. The next steps you take after your arrest will determine the penalties you will face and the road you will have to take back to regaining the respect of the community. We want to use our over 70 years of experience in making sure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

We Give Your Case Individual Attention

The authorities in Pico Rivera will want to group your case in with a batch of others and deny you the individual attention that you deserve. When you call us to help you with a DUI case, our first and only priority is your needs. We will make sure that all of your individual rights are preserved and that you get the kind of attention you need to be treated fairly.

We will not allow the system to absorb your case and make you one part of a faceless group of offenders. Your case is unique and it needs to be treated that way. We make sure that you get the personal and professional attention you need throughout the process.

We Explore Your Options

In the state of California, many of the penalties surrounding a DUI arrest are automatically applied. But what if there are other circumstances surrounding your case that do not allow it to be grouped in with the others? We explore all of your options and make sure that your case gets treated in a proper and fair manner.

When you break the law, the state can be a difficult opponent. But there are laws in place that protect your rights and, without a qualified attorney on your side, you may never find out about those laws. We are experts in DUI cases and we will make sure that all of your legal options are explored to their fullest.

We Will Speak For You

As a professional and experienced law firm, we know how to talk to the court during a DUI proceeding. We know how to answer the court’s questions and we know how to give the court the information it needs to make a fair and legal decision.

When you are standing in court and facing the bench, it is easy to get intimidated. We understand that and that is why we will speak for you at your proceeding. We will make sure that the court gets the accurate information it needs and that you get the representation you need to avoid incriminating yourself.

Is Property Damage Or Personal Injury An Issue?

In a DUI case in Pico Rivera, property damage and personal injuries complicate the matter significantly. Once those two elements enter the equation, then you will need competent and experienced professional representation.

Let us look at the facts of your case and develop a plan that will help you to preserve your rights and avoid punishment for something you did not do. Our lawyers will make sure that your voice is heard in court and that the court’s decision in your case only deals with your direct responsibilities.

At Farar and Lewis, we are ready to put our decades of experience to work in your DUI case. When you find yourself in trouble in the California city of Pico Rivera, do not try to represent yourself. Let our professionals handle your case and get you the kind of treatment you are legally entitled to.

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