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Pharmacist DUI Charges in Los Angeles

In California, many professionals have jeopardized licenses as a result of DUI offense conviction. Pharmacists are the main classes of professionals who can have their licenses compromised by the DUI cases. For the state of California, they are always concerned about the fitness of those who serve in the capacity of pharmacists in the country. They are also concerned by the fitness of those responsible for filing prescriptions the controlled substances and DUI convictions. Similar offenses also attract license jeopardy.

Pharmacists Can Be Disciplined
In the Pharmacy Board of California, they are often responsible issuing suitable licenses for all pharmacists practicing in the state. For this reason, it is this board that is responsible for imposing necessary discipline. Under the California Professions and Business Section, pharmacists are at a high risk of facing discipline if they are convicted of the DUI criminal cases.

Under the California Professions and Business Code, the forms of conduct that are likely to make the pharmacist face discipline involve dishonesty, moral turpitude, corruption, deceit, or fraud regardless of whether or not the offense is a misdemeanor or felony. A pharmacist will also face discipline if they are caught using alcohol or drugs to the extent that they act in a manner that is dangerous to themselves and the general public. If the pharmacist is also convicted of more than one felony or misdemeanor involving the use of alcohol and drug beverages, they may attract discipline from the board.

Board of Pharmacy Can Initiate a Formal Investigation
When you face conviction for the DUI criminal offense, the Pharmacy Board can initiate an inquiry into the pharmacist. The board will also look into the specific circumstances underlying this criminal offense for them to determine their criminal order. Once the appeal period has lapsed, the board is then allowed to take the necessary action against the undisciplined pharmacist. Even if there is a conducted motion to expunge the conviction of the pharmacist, the board can take the necessary action.

The conviction must also be related to the licensee’s qualification, professional duties, and functions before imposing the discipline. The board has considered certain DU convictions as being related to the job function. They also have the inclusion of the imposed discipline, license revocation, or suspension.

The board has the capability to launch an investigation against the pharmacists caught driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You will face extra scrutiny as a pharmacist if you have prior DUI criminal convictions. The board is also concerned about the gravity of the pharmacist to conduct their criminal record action. If the pharmacist is convicted under the influence of controlled medication prescription, the board will be concerned about the pharmacist ability to dispense his duties normally. The board will also see the willingness of the pharmacist to accept discipline.

Mandatory Alcohol Class and MADD Victim Impact Panel
In addition to the disciplinary action imposed on you by the Pharmacy Board, the pharmacist will deal with the other consequences of DUI criminal conviction. If you are convicted of the DUI criminal offense, you can have several probation conditions imposed to the sentence by the judge. The defendant will be required to complete a mandatory alcohol class coupled up with a jail term. Depending on the blood alcohol content, the class will run between three to six months. You will also be required to attend the MADD Victim Impact Panel as a pharmacist.

If you are convicted of a DUI criminal offense as a pharmacist, it is important to consult a Los Angeles DUI Attorney immediately. The Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm has more than two decades of legal representation experience in the industry. Visit us for a free consultation experience.

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