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Palos Verdes Estates Criminal Lawyers

Imagine this: You threw a party in Palos Verdes Estates to celebrate the long weekend and a lot of people came through your door, including a shady acquaintance from high school who arrived with some pricey tequila. That day everyone was welcome.

Unfortunately, while your party was under way, the liquor store up the street was robbed. An eyewitness claims she saw your friend put on a ski mask and rob the store. Now the police have you under suspicion for aiding and abetting a criminal. You need a criminal defense attorney from Farar & Lewis LLP.

The defining characteristic about this story, and many other stories from people who need a criminal defense attorney, is that they never saw it coming. It’s not uncommon to feel shock, surprise and fear if you are under suspicion or are being questioned and investigated regarding a crime you didn’t commit.

As defense attorneys, we at Farar & Lewis LLP consider it our job to not only defend you against criminal allegations, but to put your mind at ease regarding the consequences of your alleged actions and to give you every tool to mitigate the damages.

The usual suspects
Since most crimes involve state law, our experience goes deep into California law regarding the definitions and punishments for misdemeanors and more serious felonies. We strive to obtain the lightest possible penalties in our effort to serve you, and in cases of suspicion, we advise you on your rights, how to avoid divulging incriminating information and how to conduct yourself during police questioning.

You don’t have to be charged with a crime in order to talk to us at Farar & Lewis. Not consulting an attorney could set off a series of uncontrollable events through ignorance, a desire to help the police or the sincere hope that what you have to say will help you.

Being a suspect in a crime is a serious matter, whether you are innocent or not. A criminal defense attorney could save you from being caught up in red tape, being unnecessarily detained or being held too long for questioning.

Our pre-trial relationship
We have been working with people like you in the Palos Verdes Estates area for years, interpreting California law so that you might not even have to go through a painful trial. For instance, we investigate whether the arresting officer had “probable cause” before she or he made the arrest.

This is something the arresting officer must establish for the charges against you to hold. Our first line of defense is to try to prove that the arresting officer acted hastily with insufficient evidence or failed to follow proper procedure when she or he arrested you. If they did not follow rules of evidence or procedure for your arrest and we can prove it, your charges may be dropped without the pain and expense of a trial.

If you are being detained while you await trial, we can help reduce the amount of your bail or even get the court to put it aside completely. We can expertly smooth over obtaining bail, work with your family to get the funds where necessary and help get you released from jail pending your trial date.

Plea bargaining is another area where our services as defense attorneys might help you. If you wish to plead guilty of a crime, you have the right to enter in a plea bargain with the other side to reduce your charges or sentencing. We can help you receive a reduced punishment.

Many times, as in the case of minors being charged as adults, the court wishes to impose more severe penalties. We can intervene and seek to ensure that the charges are lowered to a more appropriate level, such as juvenile assault, in the case of a minor.
During the trial

Everyone knows you need a criminal defense attorney if your case goes to trial. If you need to go to trial, your attorney can defend you and help you come up with a strategy that can help ensure the most beneficial outcome for you.

Your lawyer will make sure that all the steps involved in your trial happen as smoothly as possible from jury selection to the appeals process, if your trial does not happen as you wish.

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