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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Nurses DUI Charges in Los Angeles

Nurses are required to obtain a professional license from the state in which they work, which means they’re automatically held to a higher standard. Breaking the law means suffering more serious consequences when a state law is broken, and it means nurses must be advised what could occur if they fall into trouble with the law. One of the most serious crimes a nurse can commit in California is driving under the influence. Los Angeles DUI Attorneys work with nurses arrested for DUI to help them maintain their state license and minimize their disciplinary actions for disobeying such a serious law.

Revoked Licenses

According to California State Law, the California Board of Registered Nursing maintains the legal right to reprimand any registered nurse for violating state laws. One of the most serious reprimands nurses face from the board is the revocation of their state license. Without this license, a nurse cannot practice in the state. The first step the board takes is to suspend the license of any nurse arrested and accused of driving under the influence.

Following an investigation and subsequent conviction, the state board might choose to permanently revoke the license rendering the nurse unable to return to the medical profession in the State of California. The catch is that the conviction must be related to the work the nurse does for a living in a substantial manner. For example, a nurse driving home from work accused of a DUI would not be given the right to reinstate her license while one on vacation in another state accused of a DUI after a night of partying would most likely be permitted to return to work following her conviction.

Immediate Action

When a nurse is arrested for a DUI in the state of California, the board is notified immediately of the arrest. An automatic 10-day suspension of the license is put in place, and the nurse cannot return to work for 10 days minimum. If the nurse is convicted of a crime, the board will gather to discuss the case and the evidence presented, and that’s when a final decision regarding reinstatement is made.

If a reduced charge is offered to the nurse, the board will impose its own set of sanctions against the nurse. This might include a fine no more than $2,500 and a public disciplinary note in the nurse’s file. This is a note that sits in a file for three years. When the three-year mark passes, the notation of disciplinary action is removed, and a nurse can apply for a new job without anyone ever knowing she was guilty of a DUI. Some nurses are required to go through mandatory alcohol abuse treatment if a dependence problem is suspected.

Help for Nurses With a DUI

If you are a nurse who’s been arrested and charged with a DUI, you must call an attorney right away. With ample legal experience, knowledge of not only the legal law but also medical law, and the ability to understand the process is what makes it easier for nurses to handle their case. It’s nearly impossible for a nurse to win a DUI case without proper representation, and that’s where an attorney is helpful. Even if the case is not dropped, an attorney can help a nurse reduce her charges and potentially receive her license back after a specific amount of time. This is your career, and losing your license means years of education and work are wasted, and your future becomes uncertain following this type of conviction and the loss of your license. If your car is taken away, we encourage you to speak to Zooomr car leasing, in order to get a new car lease in Los Angeles.

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