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Case Results

Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Multiple Charges Arising out of a Los Angeles DUI Charge

Nothing is quite as jaw dropping as the list of charges that can arise from a SINGLE DUI charge. One charge quickly becomes two, two becomes three, until finally you have a terrifying list of charges facing you and pressuring you to plead guilty and face the music. Additional charges are often tacked onto what at first seems a cut and dry original charge.

Someone who drives drunk might actually commit these offenses or sometimes courts will tack them onto an initial charge to pressure people into pleading guilty and accepting “reduced” charges, even though the original charge is the only thing they should have looked at in the first place. Take for example, someone who fails to see police lights during a routine traffic stop and someone who is found to have no proof of insurance during the stop. Instead of a DUI charge, now you’ve got driving without insurance and someone who resisted arrest. In reality, what you might have is the original DUI charge and someone who just didn’t see the lights and failed to have their proof of insurance with them. The additional charges make everything much more serious. Courts will take multiple charges much more seriously than just one because it means that they showed disrespect for the law and other drivers on the road in more than just one instance. In reality, it is just a couple of mistakes during a routine arrest.

No one should face three charges alone without a lawyer. What the courts will do without someone to intervene on your behalf is going to be three times as drastic as if you had just faced the initial DUI charge. And let’s look at that DUI charge, too, because that is the big one in the above example. Most people who receive a DUI incorrectly assume that there is no defense for a DUI. They believe that either you’re drunk or you’re not and that’s all there is to it.

Wrong! A good DUI defense attorney knows that even in the most clear cut case of DUI, police officers and legal agencies have an obligation to follow their procedures during a DUI arrest and prosecution. When officers of the law and other agencies fail to follow procedures, we can get the case dismissed outright. In fact, you’ll see many instances where we’ve been able to get clear cut DUI cases dismissed because officers didn’t follow procedures. Don’t assume that your case is cut and dry.

During administration of the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests, officers must follow procedures, as well as read you your rights. If they fail to do these things properly, our experts can get your case thrown out almost as quickly as it comes to light. Why? Because we know how this works. DUI cases are much easier to defend than people believe. In many cases, procedural errors and administering field sobriety tests are done improperly and lead to a dismissal. Do not assume that your case is any different.

Our knowledgeable attorneys have decades of combined experience in looking at cases just like yours. When multiple charges are thrown at you, it can be an alarming moment in life. Don’t be alarmed. Once you put your case in the hands of our expert attorneys, we know what to do to get you the best outcome possible. We’re experienced PROSECUTORS and this can make all the difference. We know exactly what prosecutors look for when a DUI case is on their table. We know what they respond to as defenses as well. That’s because we worked as prosecutors for years.

You won’t find a better defense team than the one that is waiting to defend you at our law offices. Whether you’re charged with a single case of DUI or many accompanying charges, we’re going to go to work for you in a way that no other law firm will. We treat each of our clients compassionately, understanding that your case may have circumstances the courts aren’t aware of. Most of all, we’re a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney that believes in our clients. We know that we can get the best outcome possible for you. Call on us today and see what quality legal representation can do to end your anxiety. Whether you’re facing jail time or just a fine, we can get your case dismissed or reduced. It’s our promise to you.

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