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Malibu Criminal Lawyers

The Law Firm of Farar & Lewis LLP, is a law office that is specifically dedicated to resolving criminal matters for their defendants. Farar & Lewis have a professional group of lawyers that are equipped with over 90 years of experience within the criminal justice system. Each of our accredited team members have over 30 years of experience in the field of criminal justice and are highly esteemed among California lawyers with many affiliations and impressive credentials.

Steve David Sitkoff worked in the field of criminal justice as a prosecutor for over 30 years in downtown Los Angeles, Torrance, Compton, Van Nuys, Inglewood, Compton Juvenile Court, Pasadena, Long Beach Norwalk and Santa Monica. Steve Sitkoff served as a deputy district attorney and was a leading prosecutor for sex crime and felony DUI cases. Steven was a previous instructor for local law enforcement and currently gives lectures for the Los Angeles Bar Association. Steven was also an elected official that held the title of Commissioner for the Los Angeles Superior Supreme Court. Justin Farar worked under the Honorable Kim McLane Wardlaw in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and previously served as a Commissioner for the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Authority. Additionally, Justin Farar currently holds the title as an adjunct professor at USC’s Gould School of Law. Joel Farar has been named a Super Lawyer Rising Star and is a member of the Million Dollar Advocate Forum.

The qualified defense lawyers at the Law Firm of Farar & Lewis LLP can help their clients with their criminal cases in Malibu to receive lesser sentences, receive reduced charges or get charges dropped all together. If necessary, the Law Firm of Farar & Lewis are equipped and experienced to operate as trial lawyers when their clients are faced with life sentences. When faced with a criminal matter, it is highly beneficial to have a former prosecutor on your side. The knowledge that comes with the court system in Malibu and relationships that the team holds with the authorities, give their clients an advantage in the courtroom. The Law Firm of Farar & Lewis is highly regarded with associations that include The Los Angeles Area Top Rated Lawyers, Consumer Attorneys of California, the American Association for Justice, and the American Bar Association. Many referrals and recommendations can be sought out by visiting AVVO, a legal website dedicated to serving future potential clients of nationwide attorneys with a rating system and the provided guidance to finding the right lawyer.

The Law Firm of Farar & Lewis LLP’s criminal defense practice in Malibu specialty areas include, drug possessions, internet crimes, misdemeanors, mortgage fraud, paraphernalia, petit larceny, sex crimes, sexual assault, underage DWI, underage drug crimes, federal crimes, counterfeit substances, child pornography, burglary and robbery, as well as assault and battery. The seriousness of drug charges is dependent on the amount, intent and the type of illegal drug that was confiscated. Counterfeit substances can bring on the most severe disciplinary actions. Underage drug crimes can be treated less severely when compared to an adult that is caught in the same act. However, if there is a repeated offense, judges may decide to enforce a harsher penalty. The same rules apply when it comes to an underage DWI charge. In order to assist in the prevention of future civil trials, it is imperative that internet cases be defended. The law firm’s experience in internet crime is based on hacking, cyber-stalking and fraud. Defendants of misdemeanor crimes have many rights, but those rights can only be enforced with the right council that can achieve the maximum benefits under the law. Mortgage fraud is a serious crime and defendants that want to move forward in their future must provide full disclosure to their attorneys in order to allow the team to determine what facts need to be disclosed. As with all cases, you never want your lawyer to be caught off guard. To experience success, it is always better to be completely honest and let the confidentiality standards prevail. In cases involving paraphernalia or petit larceny, the prosecution needs a lot of evidence in order to succeed with their case. Our law firm can put forth a strategic plan to help determine your freedom. Sexual assault, sexual crimes and child pornography charges can carry lofty penalties. Thus, it is imperative that you prove your innocence or lessen your charge. Federal crimes and federal offenses can have severe penalties. Theft, burglary and robbery are treated as three individual crimes with three separate penalty platforms. Our team of lawyers knows how to handle each branch of these criminal charges. When charged with assault and battery, we can also help you provide a self-defense case. Let the Law Firm of Farar & Lewis LLP improve your future outlook and possibly even handle your case before it ever enters a courtroom. For a free case evaluation in the Malibu court system, contact the Law Firm of Farar & Lewis LLP and receive a risk free consultation.

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