Los Angeles Three Strikes Law Lawyers

Posted By max soni, On June 22, 2016

Los Angeles Three Strikes Law

One of the most controversial pieces of legislation in the criminal justice system of the state of California is the Three Strikes Law. The reason that this piece of legislation is so controversial is that it creates a great deal of overflow in California prisons that the state is having trouble maintaining. Additionally, there is a heated debate about whether this measure has the desired impact on the crime rate in California that policy makers were intending when they drafted the provision in the first place.

If you have previously been convicted of two felonies in the state of California, it is important to understand how the Three Strikes Law could potentially apply to your individual situation. Furthermore, it is wise to be appraised of the precarious nature of your situation in the event that you are convicted of a third felony so that you understand the risks involved.

What is important to understand about the Three Strikes Law is that it greatly increases the corresponding prison sentences of those who have previously been convicted of a violent or serious felony and limits the ability of these individuals to receive punishments for their crimes that is not in the form of incarceration. Some examples of violent offenses that are included in the Three Strikes Law are: rape and other sexual offenses, murder, robbery of a home that utilizes a deadly weapon, and burglary. The key to the Three Strikes Law is that regardless of the offenses that were committed previously, if you have one violent crime included in your previous or current sentence, you are likely going to end up incarcerated.

Many individuals have debated the effective nature of this law due to the reality that California has experienced a great deal of prison overcrowding that the state’s citizens do not want to pay for in their tax returns. Thus, there has been a desire for reform to reduce prison overcrowding and find alternative sentencing methods for those whose third offense was a minor charge such as possession of marijuana.

If you have recently been convicted of your third offense in the state of California, there may be some potential protections that apply to you. The best thing to do once you have been charged with your third offense is to take the time to invest in an attorney to represent your case. This way, you will be able to have an expert opinion that will help you to ascertain what the best possible avenues to pursue are with regards to your case. Our firm is dedicated to finding realistic and effective solutions to our client’s legal dilemmas. What is usually best is to come into our office for a consultation so that we can discuss your case with you. During the consolation we will be able to assess whether your upcoming case is a good fit for our practice as is required for the model rules of professional conduct within the legal profession. Upon this determination, we can begin to work on possible legal theories that can help you to combat the Three Strikes Law and potentially improve your chances of not serving a prison sentence for a minor offense.