Los Angeles Soliciting Lewd Conduct Lawyers

Posted By max soni, On June 23, 2016

Lewd conduct is a concept that is absolutely unacceptable within the United States. Within the state of California, lewd conduct means touching your private parts or another person’s private parts with the purpose of sexual enticement when you are aware or should be reasonably aware that the presence of a third party would potentially take offense to your conduct. Furthermore, the state of California has a separate definition of soliciting lewd conduct, which relates to when the person touching their private parts asks another party to participate when they are unwilling.

The statute in the state of California that relates to soliciting lewd conduct is Penal Code 647(a). In order to successfully prove that a defendant is guilty of statute 647(a), it has to be shown that the defendant requested that another party touch his or her or another’s buttocks, female breast or genitals; the defendant made his or her request for the third party to complete this request in a public place; the defendant strictly intended for the conduct to transpire in a public place; when the defendant made this request, he intended to sexually arouse himself or another person; the third person who may have been offended when the present was made; and the defendant should have reasonably known that someone would be offended by the request that was made.

Given the severity of charges in relation to soliciting lewd conduct, it is very difficult to formulate a viable defense given the general public’s sensitivity to this sort of subject matter. If you are facing these charges, it is highly recommended that you obtain legal counsel to represent you in your case. By doing so, you will have an enormous advantage because you will be able to combat severe charges that could make you have to register as a sexual offender, which could cause you great embarrassment and also cost you not being able to live in certain residential areas in future years. By obtaining legal counsel, you will be able to navigate your potential case very well in that you will have all of the viable legal theories available to you to properly carry out your legal action.

Our firm does a great deal of work in connection with those who are being charged with soliciting lewd conduct within the state of California. If you or a close relative has been accused of soliciting lewd conduct, it is highly recommended that you contact our firm today to schedule a consultation appointment regarding the pertinent facts to your case. Once we hear the facts, one of our associate attorneys will deem whether your facts have sufficient merit to take on as a legal action. Additionally, our associate attorney will decide whether your upcoming legal action is a an ideal fit for our firm at this time. Thus, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today in order to get your legal process started. Once you retain our services, we will work closely with you to find the best possible resolution to your legal matter that is possible.