Los angeles Solicitation for Prostitution lawyers

Posted By max soni, On March 26, 2018

When you have been arrested for solicitation of prostitution, it is important to get an attorney to fight on your behalf in court. Not only are these type cases very embarrassing for the defendant, the penalties for a conviction in this case may include probation, substantial fines, and mandatory time in the county jail. Never admit anything under pressure from the police, always talk to a criminal defense attorney first.

Here is how the Los Angeles solicitation for prostitution lawyers can help to get a favorable outcome at trial in this case;

Misunderstanding the Intent
In order to be convicted of solicitation for prostitution, compensation needs to change hands in exchange for a sex act. If the customer, known as the john, agrees to completing the transaction with the prostitute, an arrest can be made. There are countless cases in the state where a prostitute approached a john who left a sporting event or bar, and was completely inebriated. They simply agreed to the offer for sex without thinking anything about money. Unable to decipher the difference between a one night stand or solicitation with a prostitute, your attorney can fight to show the john was in fact unaware who he was dealing with.

In this example, your attorney will show the court that the prostitute simply took advantage of a person who had too many drinks and could not make a clear decision because of their condition.

Being Trapped by the Police
The local police are constantly setting traps around the city to catch johns making offers to local prostitutes. These stings work well at deterring many people from considering being with local prostitutes, but the problem still exists. Unfortunately, mistakes are made by aggressive police officers who get frustrated when their trap does not work. The undercover police officer may say too much or approach the john for sex without the suspect saying a word about money. If the undercover cop offers sex for $25, the john may simply go along for the ride with no intention of really paying.

Your attorney may be able to show based on the surveillance used by the police officers that the officer made the offer for cash for sex, and not the other way around. The trap may have been conducted illegally, and your Los Angeles solicitation for prostitution lawyers will show that the charges will have to be dropped.

Poking Holes in the Prosecution Case
One of the ways that your Los Angeles solicitation for prostitution lawyer can help get a favorable ruling is by poking holes in the prosecution case. The prosecution has to prove their case, so when they rest, your attorney will get to work at weakening their evidence. The prosecution must show that the defendant solicited or requested sex for money with a prostitute. If the prostitute has a history of lying to the court, their testimony can help your case. Your attorney will detail this prostitute made the request and offer to the defendant, but the defendant had no intention of following through.

In this instance, unless the sex act was caught in the process by the officer, the Los Angeles solicitation for prostitution lawyer can say the defendant was simply flirting around with the woman and had no intent to ever go through with the sexual act.

Aggressive Pimp Practices
If the prostitute has a pimp, this person may be on the aggressive side in an effort to drum up sales for his stable of girls. The pimp may be under surveillance from the police, and the defendant happens to be in the wrong place when the pimp pushes for this person to have a good time with a beautiful woman who will do anything. The pimp talks money, the pimp talks location, the pimp pushes hard for the deal.

Your attorney can argue that had the pimp not approached the defendant, that no deal would have been agreed upon.

Never assume because the police are telling you that they have an airtight case against you that you need to admit to anything. Your Los Angeles solicitation for prostitution lawyer will carefully go over all the evidence in the case to show that you did not violate any laws and the charges should be dismissed.