Los Angeles Sex Offender Lawyer

Posted By max soni, On August 19, 2016

Sex crimes are one of the most serious crimes that you can face in a court of law. If the court finds you guilty, you’ll find that your entire life changes. You’ll need to register every year for a designated period of time as a sex offender, which will make it hard to get or keep a job. Your conviction can also change the way your friends and family look at you and impact your life in other ways. Our law firm has the skills and experience to help people in your situation reduce those charges or walk away free and clear.

What is a Sex Crime?

When many people think of sex crimes, they automatically think of rape, but this term actually refers to any crime that violates another person in a sexual manner. Rape refers to the process of physically inserting a part of your body or an object into another person against that person’s wishes. Gross sexual misconduct is another charge you might face. This refers to helping another violate an individual or violating another person yourself. Other sex crimes include sexual battery and statutory rape.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor

One of the first things that our office does when you call is look at the charge and whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor crime. A misdemeanor crime carries a lesser sentence and usually lets you walk away with community service, time served or a small fine. A felony is a much more serious crime that often carries prison time as opposed to time served in a county jail. Depending on the crime and the circumstances surrounding that crime, we make work with the prosecutor to reduce your charges to a misdemeanor or request that the court throws out the case.

Consequences of Sex Crimes

Once you receive a conviction of a sex crime, you must register as a sexual offender. There are three levels or tiers of sexual crimes. Tier I offenders must register every year for 15 years, Tier II offenders register for a period of 25 years and Tier III offenders must register every year for the rest of their lives. You may find that your designation prevents you from visiting amusement parks, spending time in city or state parks, living within a certain number of feet from a school or even spending time around children.

Get Out of Hot Water

The sex offender registry can completely change the way you live your life. It will show up every time you apply for a job or need to pass a background check, and your name will appear on national registries that let others search for sex offenders in their area. If you want to escape the charges that you face without pleading down to a lesser crime, call us. Our office has years of experience helping men and women facing sex crime charges get our from under those charges. Let us view your case and talk with you to determine how we can help.