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Posted By max soni, On June 24, 2016

Is Someone Trying to Set Up Your Teen for Possession with Intent to Sell? How to React

Was your teen caught with drugs, and the police are trying to convict them of not only possession but the possession with intent to sell? If so, tell your teen not to talk to anyone about what happened, and then hire a lawyer to start building your teen’s defense.
The charges and consequences associated with the intent to sell, instead of just getting charged with the possession can be more severe and problematic. Here are a few different things your lawyer will want to go over, and things they’ll do to help defend your teen to fight the case.
Look for Officer Flaws and Mistakes
Police officers make mistakes in the field all the time, and if your teen’s arresting officer didn’t follow the book, your lawyer may get the charges thrown out. Here are a few things the lawyer will look for:

  • Entrapment by the officer
  • Illegal searching techniques
  • Invading a property without a warrant
  • Arrest without reading the Miranda Right’s

Your teen will have to go over what happened with the officer in great detail so your lawyer can go through the information and look for concerns. If the lawyer can’t find a flaw, then making a deal with the judge could be the best decision.
If you think that your teen was setup by someone that they knew, but they didn’t have communication with the other person about selling to them directly, you may be able to say that your teen was targeted and setup unfairly.
Compile a Plea
If this is your teens first time having any type of legal trouble, or any trouble with drugs, it will be easier to get a plea deal that is favorable. This deal could include your child admitting to the possession, but getting the intent to sell charges dropped. The plea allows the case to move quickly, and the lawyer will work out the best terms to get low fines, to avoid jail time if possible, and to negotiate probation and other sentencing punishments like community service and drug addiction treatment.
The sooner you talk with a lawyer and the less your teen says to the police or to anyone else the better. The authorities can trick you into admitting guilt, or can get you to say things that may be detrimental to the case. You don’t know if someone was trying to setup your teen, or if the teen was really going to sell the drugs they had on them, so talk with a lawyer and get advice right away.
You don’t want your teen to have a drug dealing charge on their record for a lifetime because they weren’t making the best decisions as a teenager, and you want to try to avoid your teen being labeled as a seller, especially if they weren’t trying to sell the drugs to others. Avoid felony and misdemeanor charges if possible, and keep your child out of jail by getting a criminal law professional with drug experience on the case right away.