Los Angeles How to Get a CCW Permit Lawyers

Posted By max soni, On June 21, 2016

Los Angeles How to Get a CCW Permit Lawyers

If you are a resident of Los Angeles and want to get a concealed carry weapons license, then you might be wondering what steps you must take to achieve your goal. No matter if you believe your life is in danger or just want the ability to protect yourself, many reasons exist for getting a CCW. Although earning the legal right to carry a firearm is often difficult in California, following the proper steps can give you the best possible odds of success.


California has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, and local law enforcement agencies are not required to grant you a CCW. You are also required to prove you have strong morals and a good reason for requesting a license to carry a gun. However, the law regarding this requirement is vague, so whether your reason is good enough is at the discretion of the issuing agency. Anyone who carries a firearm must be competent enough to do so safely, so you must attend a firearms safety course in addition to the other requirements if you want a law enforcement official to grant your request.

Forbidden Zones

Being granted a CCW does not mean you can carry your firearm anywhere you decide to go. Some locations are still off limits, and if you choose to take a firearm in a place that does not allow it, you could face serious charges. So, you must ensure you know where you can and cannot take your firearm so that you can avoid getting yourself into legal trouble. federal courthouses are always off limits, but no law prevents you from taking your firearm to a county courthouse. Keeping these locations at the front of your mind will help you stay safe and avoid legal violations.

Police Contact

The requirement to inform police officers when you are carrying a handgun will vary depending on the county in which you are traveling. In some locations, you do not need to let police officers know when you have a gun in reach. Other locations, though, require you to notify any police officer with whom you speak that you have a firearm; failing to comply can result in harsh legal penalties. If you want to avoid possible problems, print out a list of each jurisdiction’s requirements and keep it in your car at all times. Or, you can keep it simple by always informing law enforcement officials when you are in possession of a firearm.

How We Can Help

If you want assistance with getting your CCW, then we can help you along the way so that you can avoid possible pitfalls. We can take a look at your background report and help you spot anything that might prevent you from obtaining the permit. Staying in compliance with each firearm law can be an overwhelming task, and we can help you avoid violating firearm laws so that you don’t find yourself at risk for being taken to court.