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Los Angeles Wearing a Mask or Disguise to Evade Police

If you’ve been following our ongoing series of posts in regards to California’s penal code, you’ll know that most of the laws we’ve talked about so far have been in regards to crimes that tend to involve harming someone else or maybe even damaging property/stealing someone else’s property. The charge we’re talking about in this post, wearing a mask or disguise to evade police, is a little bit different. This charge involves trying to disguise yourself so that you can commit a crime, or else get away from having already committed a crime. But we’re getting just a little bit ahead of ourselves, so let’s start at the beginning and first get some definitions, punishments, and legal defenses out of the way so that we know what it is that we’re working with. First off: definitions.

Definitions of Wearing a Mask or Disguise to Evade Police

As has been the case with just about all of the other charges we’ve talked about so far, there are a couple of elements to this crime, all of which have to be present for you to be found guilty of committing the crime of wearing a mask or disguise to evade police. First of all, you’ll have to have worn some sort of mask or disguise, whether partial or complete, and then have evaded discovery or arrest or identification while committing a crime, or have used this disguise to avoid these consequences once this crime has already been committed. This seems to be just a little bit complicated, but in reality it’s actually pretty straightforward. And again, it’s not enough for one of those elements to be in place for their to be a conviction made. All of the elements have to be there if the prosecution is going to convict you. So now that we’ve gotten a better understanding of what wearing a mask or disguise to evade police is all about, let’s take a look at the potential punishments you might be facing if you’re convicted.

Punishments for Wearing a Mask or Disguise to Evade Police

The good mews is that this charge is only considered to be a misdemeanor. The penalties you could be looking at for violating this law are a misdemeanor probation, up to six months in county jail, and/or a fine of up to $1,000. So the punishments can be quite annoying, but there are some legal defenses you can use to get yourself out of trouble. Let’s go ahead and see what those are.

Legal Defenses for Wearing a Mask or Disguise to Evade Police

You can always claim that you weren’t intending to evade police and were just wearing a mask or disguise for another reason. You can also insist that you didn’t actually commit a crime, but had only been wearing a mask or a disguise. So yes, there are a few possible defenses that you can take advantage of to either get a dismissal or a reduction of your charges.

Whatever you find yourself dealing with at the moment, we can help you out.

As you can see, things aren’t that tricky to navigate when you take the letter of the law and break it down into its simplest parts. Far from being complicated and convoluted, looking at things this way makes it much easier for you to go ahead and get a good legal defense going. On that topic, if you find yourself in some sort of legal trouble, you should reach out to us immediately. You’ll be very happy that you did.

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